Cleaning Your Website Could Increase Website Ranking

It is advisable to review your website. I want to write out something that you check out on your site to alter, create or take out. Those actions are simple but useful to SEO. This will be part of E-marketing Strategy.

Authorship Authority is new marks of website ranking that is extremely important as social networking become so hot recently. Google believe that authority is an effective way to determine the quality of content on your website. The value of article author will be calculated on social media. How many followers, the quantity of subscriptions?

+1 Button You need to create Google Plus on your pages or posts, because Google+ is one of data deemed in ranking. Can easily contribute your pages and posts on Google+ and increase the rank.

Pin Button Pinterest is brand new social media and we had discussed in our article before. You have to try it as your online promotion gadget. Sharing, pinning, liking on Pinterest and interact with your clients. Thus, adding Pin button make it easy for your customers to Pin your pages and posts.

Metadata The search engine spiders utilized this content to figure out what your website was relating and ranked your site appropriately. Don’t miss this important information on every posts and pages.

Website Loading Speed How much time to load all stuff of your website? Google Speed Test can help you to check your website loading speed. After rating your site, it will provide suggestion to improve your website loading speed. Page speed can help for user experience and SEO. A lot of people visit website on mobile device so higher speed can delight your customers.

User experience To maintain visitor on your website you have to ensure that your website is responsive and simple to use. We had published post about how to build up responsive website.

Be social Author Rank is not 100% sure, but it is an unavoidable ranking system that will be soon be on Google. Besides author rank, Google utilizes a combination of their SEO algorithm, page content and keyword research, then combine it with the social activity around your website. Developing inbound link from social media can market your website effectively, because social media have a lot of online users and they can spread message very fast.

Guest Post As we mentioned how to start on guest post, it is important value to website ranking. It can help your website to create inbound links which are links from other websites you posted articles and they point back to your website. In E-marketing, there are many advantages to build up brand image and guest post is a method to let visitors to get more information about your business.

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