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Empower Network Member vs Empower Network Affiliate

May 04

There are two very different ways to use Empower Network and today we are going to reveal both, helping you to make the best decision on how you’d like to use the program. Upon joining you will be prompted to decide between a member package and an affiliate package.

As you have probably already seen, there are countless success stories out there from people who have used the affiliate plan to build good incomes. [

See how Russ Howe became established in empower network here.


But this is a home business and therefore you should be aware that not everybody succeeds. It’s easy to look at the success of others, but your own success is not guaranteed.

The first stage of getting the absolute most from your monthly subscription is to decide what you actually want to do with it. What are you trying to achieve? You have two choices of membership.

While the majority of online businesses automatically include your affiliate plan with your products this one works a little bit differently. You can either unlock the products alone or the entire package. Perhaps this is an attempt by the company to show others that they believe their product has worth on it’s own.

So if you are looking into Empower because you like the idea of having your own authority blog and you aren’t really interested in trying to make money by introducing others to the business then you should definitely go with the standard member pack.

The elevated membership level is designed for those who want to be hands on with this particular program. When looking at the main website you will find it difficult to find out the two different prices of membership, we certainly did, so as a standard customer it’s $25 and as a rep it’s $45 each month.

Before you make any decisions you should take some time to decide what type of member you need to be. A potential saving of $20 per month for a part of the business you might not need will mount up over the course of a year or two. Likewise, an extra $20 per month for something you intend to earn thousands with is peanuts. So take your time with that decision.

The affiliate option is there for those looking to build an income from home with the program. You hold the re-sale rights to your system and therefore you earn a cool $25 per month each time you refer others to the business via your website.

Most affiliates fail to get anywhere, however, because they dream up big incomes and then fail to achieve them when they get started. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you we advise taking your time with your decisions and getting from the business what you actually want.

Otherwise, all the potential in the world isn’t enough.

So, should you become an Empower Network affiliate? Ultimately it depends on what you want to use the program for. Many members have no interest in the earnings program and use it just for the products. Take your time and make the best decision for your own needs, it will make if far easier for you to make money online in the future.

Further Details: Russ Howe is now a world leading Empower Network sponsor. You can read his comprehensive and honest empower network review in today’s interview, which covers the aspects of the home based business industry which prevent most affiliates from succeeding.

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