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ViSalus and My Shopping Genie compensation plan: Is one better than the other?

Mar 09

There are plenty of reasons explaining why people turn to finding methods of making money on the internet. Some want to remain at home with their families while getting paid, while others simply don’t really wish to work for other people any more. Well, there are lots of strategies to earn income on the internet “two of which we’ll discuss in this article, My Shopping Genie Compensation Plan and the ViSalus Challenge.

What are these two profit generating opportunities?

Both the My Shopping Genie Compensation Plan and the ViSalus Challenge are (Mlm) or social marketing businesses and as prevously mentioned above, both offer chances for making money on the internet while in the comfort of your own home. They both promote products and encourage users to refer other folks into the business.

My Shopping Genie is a free app that fundamentally helps users find the best deals and lowest costs online. The pay plan will permit you to distribute this useful app, and get paid money for it. You need to pay a fee to get a license, and then you can start earning by distributing the app and referring others to invest on distributor licenses.

The ViSalus Compensation Schedule, on the other hand, concentrates on selling their health products and a 90-day challenge that is assured to help you lose weight. If you take the 90-day challenge, and need to distribute the products, you’ll need to pay a fee. Like the My Shopping Genie compensatory plan, you can earn money from several different ways including selling the product or referring others into the compensatory plan.

From recent research, both programs offer top quality products. As most people know, it’s far better to promote anything you personally believe in, right? But naturally, we prompt you to do your own required research on both to see for yourself.

Alternative ways to join and earn

As discussed, both the ViSalus and the My Shopping Genie compensation plan offer alternative avenues for earning. My Shopping Genie offers 9 ways for its distributors to earn: affiliate payments (pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, pay-per-offer), affiliate override bonuses, fast start and time delicate bonuses, and other bonus programs. ViSalus offers 8 avenues for earning money: direct sales and private purchaser commissions, first order bonus, weekly enroller’s pool, fast start bonus, team commissions, and even a BMW bonus and two other performance/ranking based bonuses.

With the My Shopping Genie compensation plan, you can opt in as a Registered Representative, Independent Genie Distributor, or Registered Genie Distributor. These different options gives you certain privileges, like a distributing license, additional coaching materials for growing your company, and access to all bonus earning programs. Those interested in ViSalus can choose from 3 options: Basic Distributor, Executive Success System (ESS), and ESS plus samples. Of course, choosing among these options depend mainly on how much you are content to invest.

All things claimed, the ViSalus program and the My Shopping Genie compensation schedule both offer viable business models. If you’re interested in trying one of these, you must do your own legwork to discover which product you’d like to promote, and which business you would like to sign up to.

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