5 Ways To Tell If Your Orlando Internet Marketing Is Using Black Hat Tactics

If you want to hire a reliable Orlando Internet marketing company that will get you results, Get the Clicks is the company to go for. You should only entrust your online business to someone who is guaranteed to use credible means to help your website rank well in search engine results. If you decide to outsource your SEO services to a professional, it does not mean that you should take a back seat and let them do all the work. Instead, you should be actively involved by ensuring that they only use white hat techniques.

The keywords used on your website will let you know if the company is involved in any suspicious activities or not. Check the analytics report for your website to evaluate the keywords that are attracting people to your site. This should be keywords that are related to your website. If the company is using keywords that are in no way related to your site then they are probably employing black hat techniques.

Keywords can also be wrongly used on a website through keyword stuffing. To see evidence of keyword stuffing, check out how the text on your website reads. If the keywords have been forced into the content on the website and used too many times in the text such that sentences no longer make sense then this is a black hat tactic. In other instances, keywords may have just been listed on the website.

Another common tactic that is used is hidden text. This is when the text on the website is written in a font color that is similar to the background color of the site. This is often a list of keywords, which are meant to be readable to search engines but not to human eyes. If you suspect this, you should right click on your mouse and highlight the web page to see if there is any text on the background.

Companies that use black hat techniques often use linking schemes. This is because back-links are valuable to search engine rankings. Use a back-link checker tool to determine where the inbound links to your website are coming from.

If the sites linking back to yours are quite dissimilar then the probability is that your provider is engaging in suspicious activity. Also, check if the links are coming from any link farms or link exchange sites. Good back links should come from sites which are related or complementary to yours.

Avoid any company that over promises to deliver. This is because no one can guarantee you how your website will rank as site ranking is dependent on many factors. Mainly, sites that will employ black hat techniques are the ones who tend to over promise on top 10 results.

SEO is an ongoing service. This means that there is no one time solution. If any company offers you this then you should be suspicious. Use only credible companies such as Get the Clicks, an Orlando Internet marketing company as they use white hat SEO techniques.

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