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Back-link Creation that Works Well

Apr 06

Here is the first of three posts explaining the back-linking techniques which will get your web site on the top page of Google for a medium competition key phrase. You may use the Google keyword tool to view whether the key phrase ranks low, medium or high.

Use WordPress to build your websites if you aren’t currently committed to another content management system. I describe at length why WordPress is the most suitable CMS in another blog about WordPress and the way to rapidly have it working.

Initially, recognize that you will be constructing 2 tiers of inbound links. The first level will point straight to your primary website. This second tier points to your tier one back links. For example, let’s say your main website is www.mainsite.com. You will create several blogs at WordPress and Livejournal along with Tumblr using articles that have back links pointing to www.mainsite.com. You will even publish content at the major article websites like Ezinearticles as well as Goarticles using back links to your primary website. You will then carry out mass inbound link development by putting up posts at Isnare, Unique Article Wizard and those hyperlinks will point to the articles you produced at WordPress, Weebly and Tumblr. So the idea is that the first level of back links will be on substantial page rank websites (and those back-links point to www.mainsite.com) while your second-tier of back links is on lower rated sites with volume instead of quality the name of the game.

The process commences with you writing an original post for www.mainsite.com. This needs to be an excellent article that you commit time to creating, ought to be effectively researched, needs to have 1 to 3 links pointing to good quality websites and will state new ideas rather than stating a concept you found in other places. It is most beneficial if your first 3 posts you author for www.mainsite.com are lengthy, above seven hundred words. Have the whole body of the posts appear on the very first page of your website.

It will be possible to leverage the labor you dedicated to the post you made at www.mainsite.com through content spinning that article and re-using it many times. I have written an extended post on article spinning at this post on spinning articles and spintax. You will need an item of software and I use the Best Spinner.

What the re-writing software application does is to select word and phrase replacements for each of the terms in your post, thereby creating a number of variations of the article that will look different to the search engine robots. The essential thing to learn about the re-written articles is the fact that after the software has done its job, you have to take a look at several of the spun versions and modify them by hand. The application does a relatively bad task of choosing word and phrase replacements because the application doesn’t comprehend the gist of your post. So in this step, your job is to take out your synonyms that don’t sound right and then every one of the spun versions will read well.

Take just one of the spun versions and make substantial changes to it like altering the order of the paragraphs and possibly adding in an additional paragraph or even getting rid of one of the paragraphs so that you have one “more unique” version even though the variation has the very same information as the original. This version looks truly different to an Internet crawler and even to people. You will publish this particular different version to Ezinearticles because they are most picky about not publishing anything on their web site that appears to be similar to other content on the Internet. The other article sites for example Goarticles, Amazines, Articleblast and also Articlealley tend to be much more liberal and you can simply provide them one of the spun variations of the article. Submit your custom-made variation of the article to Ezinearticles first and make certain it is approved by them prior to distributing your general spun variations to the other article sites.

This is your primary set of tasks in getting the desired search engine placement.

Learn more about anchor text at Bob Richard’s blog.

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