Build a Brighter Future for your Online Business with a Mobile Website

The latest figures from the International Telecommunication Union reveal that 87% of the world’s population, some 6 billion people, have mobile phone subscriptions. This unprecedented growth in mobile phone sales has not gone unnoticed by computer manufacturers, who have seen their profits plunge as more and more people opt for portable hand-held devices over desk-bound PCs.

The writing is on the wall – mobile browsing is on the rise. Website owners and developers must to adapt their online properties for mobile devices or risk being left behind.

Mobile websites ensures that nobody is excluded from a company’s online presence regardless of how they connect to the Internet. Mobile sites are just as capable at getting the message across as the full-site, and in some cases even more effective at connecting with the core audience. Mobile-centric features like click-to-call, on-site SMS messaging, QR Codes and GPS mapping encourage users to interact with the brand.

The optimization process for a mobile website involves a lot of behind the scenes coding to create something that is suitable for mobile users. Sometimes the whole process can be as simple as changing font size, altering the page layout, resizing a few images and limiting Flash and JavaScript elements. In most cases, however, a brand new mobile website has to be built from the ground up. The biggest challenge with creating a mobile site is to provide users with an entirely new experience while retaining the central theme of the main site. A site specifically built for small screen devices allows for quicker load times and easier navigation, resulting in a vastly improved user experience. Tech savvy smart-phone users are not unmindful of the fact some that companies go the extra mile to include them in their online sphere, and are more likely to do business with these companies.

There are plenty of immediate benefits of having a mobile websites for your company. Putting your site on the handsets and tablets exposes it to millions of potential new customers and will help increase sales and raise brand awareness. Mobile websites can target certain segments of the audience much more effectively than regular sites, giving your business a competitive edge.

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