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Choosing A Home Business Like Global Domains International

Jan 05

With money being tighter than ever these days, more people are looking to find ways they can supplement their income by making money online in their spare time. We’re talking real, legitimate, safe and genuine businesses only here of course. One of those businesses is Global Domains International. Today we’ll walk you through how this one works and help you to make up your mind whether it’s what you have been looking for or not.

For those unfamiliar with GDI, let’s take a look at what it actually does.

GDI owns the rights to all .ws domain names worldwide. Each member receives the domain name of their choice as well as web hosting tools and self-promotional tips from experienced network marketers for their ten dollar membership price.

But of course there’s more to it than just that. You can also build an online income from home with your GDI membership. Here’s how…

We’ll cover two different ways of earning with GDI here. Firstly, the company affiliate plan is the most lucrative method available. Much like many other businesses, if a member introduces anyone else to the business they receive a commission payment. The big difference with GDI is that those payments are residual…

Watch the video version for more information. [youtube:jlg6i0SR9Fs;Top sponsor Russ Howe explains the simple facts which helped him to become a [link:Global Domains International] leader.;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlg6i0SR9Fs&feature=related]

While the majority of online businesses put the focus on the affiliate needing to sell new products and services to make new income each month, GDI takes a more appealing approach. As earnings there are residual you’re able to get paid over and over again from every single commission check you earn. This allows for massive income potential on your end.

As your business gets bigger you will realize the true potential within this feature.

You will also earn money whenever any member of your downline builds their own downline, too. It pays to help your referrals, teach them what works for you and what doesn’t. Because the fact is you will earn money if they are successful. Find just a few ‘go getters’ who are serious about changing their lives like you and you can see massive results in a short space of time.

Those with even more ambitious intentions will enjoy the constant target of hitting additional GDI bonuses. The company rewards those who work at their business, by paying anyone who brings in five new referrals within the same week with an additional one hundred dollar bonus, on top of all regular commissions. These bonuses are unlimited. Introduce fifty new members to GDI in a week (we’ve seen this done, so don’t be afraid to shoot high here) and you’ll be rewarded with a one thousand dollar bonus that week.

With the added extras of the GDI product package you have a third income stream to delve into in your own time. Take your hobby, build a website around it and turn something you have always loved to do into an income source for your family. There is no better way to make money online than that.

For example, we built our own fitness website and simply worked at it with the hope of one day maybe turning our love of the gym into a real income. We did that, attracting over two million hits to you Youtube videos and getting our website featured on tv thanks to the extensive marketing know how inside the Members Area tools and our desire to do something we actually enjoy for a career.

Making money online is a world where things are often over hyped and often misleading, so one thing which is highly important when looking at any home business is the reputation and stature of the company. In GDI’s case, it’s certainly a big factor when folks see that it is approved safe by the Better Internet Bureau, Direct Selling Association and Federal Trade Commission. All money made is real, genuine money. Everything they say you can do on the website, you can indeed do. It’s also nice to see their clients include popular household names like Ebay, Bank Of America and others.

And there it is. Everything you have ever wanted to know about Global Domains International. The complete walk through from products to prices, from how to make money with your GDI business to the stature of the company. If you are serious about building an income from home, we hope you’re glad you stopped by today and picked up some info on how GDI works.

About the author: Today’s guide to help you find your best home based business was provided by Russ Howe, who made a five figure income in five months with Global Domains International.

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