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Earning Big Money From Blog

Jun 16

Have you ever seen the Internet ads that say “MAKE BIG MONEY” by blogging, writing articles for cash, work at home and “MAKE EASY MONEY”? Sure does sound good, doesn’t it? Well, I wondered this as well. Can you really work at home and make money writing articles and having a blog?

Several months ago I thought I might attempt to see what it takes to make working at house “work”. I created a few Blogs – quantum NOTES, a science/information based weblog; The Gunkee Writes, a blog devoted to numerous gadgets posted on AssociatedContent.com; Gunkee’s Leisure News which focuses on TV, Music and Movies; and at last 4 Geeks Only is a web site devoted to geeky devices and where you will discover them.

Each blog tries to keep up with new subject matter each day to attract current and former readers. Ads from Google Adsense and AdBright are placed on each site to try and generate cash-flow, but people rarely click on the ads. Not really surprising I guess, but it makes me wonder about the whole internet ad model and how useful the ads really are at pushing people to the advertisers web pages. I do get paid for page views and I have had people click on the ads, (clicks pay more) but not as many clicks as I would like to have – always nice to have more clicks.

The other factor I strive is to place adverts on the web page where I’ve set up “partnerships” with the advertiser. Using Commission Junction, you may select from a huge number of stores that can pay you a commission for any gross sales that come by way of your web page. I’ve made about as a lot money on these as I’ve on the Click on Ads. I even have my own Amazon Storefront where folks can purchase items from Amazon and I get a good fee on this as well. It would really be good for everybody to make use of these buttons once they purchase items instead of instantly going to Amazon or somewhere else. My job is to provide good reading to keep them coming to my page and earn those clicks I guess.

It isn’t simple work. Coming up with recent ideas every day will be tough. Evolving those concepts, researching, writing, enhancing, re-modifying, selling your page…nicely you get the idea. It is time consuming, and it is real work. The pay is low, however it may well add up. It’s important to stick with it, be looking out for brand spanking new ideas; possibly start one other blog with a different slant will help. Ask others to place your link on their internet web page in return for you linking to them. Hit web forums of every kind, leave notes with your deal with, just be sure to be related to that forum and not only a lame poster making an attempt to get space.

I think the secret may be to set your money goals simple at first, say $5.00 a day average for income from all the sources, ads and content. Then $10 a day, and so on and so on… You get the idea, it will start adding up.

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