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Engagement Marketing via Your Customers

Jul 24

The concept of engagement marketing is easy to understand. You contact clients and customers who already know about you, engaging with them. It involves sending them something that encourages interaction, through e-mail, one of the myriad social networks, or in some other way. Getting them to respond to you creates social visibility. It places your brand in front of them in their social network. When they respond to you, their friends see it, creating an implied recommendation for these friends to check out your products and services.

This form of marketing is of a different sort from how it is usually done, focusing primarily on your existing base instead of throwing ads out into the wild. Typically, the word “marketing” invokes the idea of a company trying to get someone to do something. Generally, this is something like “buy this product,” “subscribe to this service,” or some other message that ultimately involves the person parting with their hard earned cash.

In engagement marketing, the action call is different: “like this” or “tell us what you think.” It is about interaction and conversation. The initial objective is different, but the overall goal remains the same: expanding your customer base.

The moment of contact is the moment engagement marketing should begin. We are talking about the moment they walk through your front door. It is about knowing, without any doubt, that your mission is to get your customer engaged with you from the first moment. Every business needs to understand how important Facebook is, from an engaging way to deliver early announcements and sneak peeks to how many likes and shares your customers give you. It is important to keep them engaged and interested.

Small businesses struggle with resources. Engagement marketing, while not needing a large investment, can be an effective strategy. Compare your existing marketing strategies in terms of resources needed versus awareness (and purchases) generated and see if any of them can be replaced with engagement marketing.

The best way to approach engagement marketing is to do short, frequent bursts of effort on a regular basis. Doing it for 10 minutes three times a week is a good starting point if you do not already have a plan. There is a bit to learn, but once you get started with it things are generally picked up quickly.

One positive worth considering is that content is on the short side in engagement marketing. Instead of having to write an expos’e that can be several paragraphs or pages long, all content for this kind of marketing is usually only a paragraph or so long – and often shorter.

Measuring how effective this strategy is being is easy, with metrics such as how many likes and comments you are generating being key indicators. It is essentially a small numbers game that can have a huge effect on your business. If the average Facebook user has over 100 friends, then two shares gets your brand name in front of over 200 people. Small actions can have large ripples in the social networking space.

If you would like to find more information about using Facebook for business, we are here to help. You can visit our website and learn about our top Facebook apps or just give us a call and we will try and assist you in any way we can.

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