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Foolproof ways to Managing Time

May 08

Not using effective time management tips could make you lose a lot of time to bond with your family and friends, maintain a romantic relationship, and take care of yourself. If you’re not efficient in time management, you tend to be too focused on work priorities, forgetting that there is more to life than just that. This article hopes to shed some light.

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Many of us are overwhelmed by the constant changes in technology, which includes computers, phones, fax, E-mails, cell phones, and other devices. How can we ever get ahead of the game if someone is always changing the plans? Stress is the leading cause of heart attacks, high-blood pressure, stomach tension, tightened muscles, and other health related pains and aches. Our hormones when pushed beyond the limits often respond in a negative light. Managing time is essential for dealing with stress. If you work, attend classes, and go home to a family every night, you understand that time is vital to maintain. Work is part of an everyday life, and most of us get up early in the morning and head out the door. Some of us skip breakfast, exercise and other healthful tasks, not realizing that this is part of managing time.

Time Management Tip # 2: Follow A Good Routine. Routine is a good example of having well-managed time. When you are following a routine, things would seem to come out of you automatically without you having to think about it. So in managing time, try to fit in an everyday routine of which you feel comfortable with, and try to stick with that as much as possible. Because nothing is constant, you should also be aware that you would have to break your routine every once in a while. Even if this happens, learn to be flexible and adjust your schedules and priorities accordingly.

Time management starts with a plan. If you have plans you know that goals often following the plan. Once we set a plan in motion, we must act on it accordingly and sufficiently to make the plan work and reduce our stress level. After we have a plan in motion focusing on our goals, we must find an organizing scheme that works best for our person. Some of us make lists, which are very helpful for putting a plan in motion. Lists are common tasks that we are required to obtain. Getting the most important tasks completed first is part of a time management plan that works most effectively. Once we move the bigger tasks out of the way, we find more time after the little tasks are finished.

Time management starts at grass root levels from an individual. At the outset, the individual has to organise himself at all works of life. He should set his goals and prioritise his objectives. He can further subdivide his objectives into subsets and create timelines to achieve them. The ways to go about it is to write them down either in a place that he always visits or uses in order to keep his mind away from wandering off towards time wasting distractions.We must realise that “while we are postponing, life speeds by” (Seneca). We should not only be managing time through time management but also teach our ‘generation next’ to do the same.

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