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Gaining More Internet Traffic From Your Wedding Marketing Plan

Jul 10

The main thing you have to pay attention to about your wedding marketing plan is that if you really don’t have traffic… you’re just getting lost among the crowd of countless wedding vendors brides are searching for when they get online to plan their weddings. So, you’re gonna need traffic right? Yes. Let’s face it, in todays internet business environment, web traffic is really the real key to profits… and letting your ideal customers know you even exist! The more traffic you’re able to drive to your site, the broader your viewers and attention level. Whether you’re marketing your existing products, lauching a new product/service these 5 solutions, when implemented consistently will direct a huge number of qualified traffic to your site in no time!

#1 Social media In terms of traffic sources go, social media works the quickest when you’re able to build a following of your target market. There are plenty of ways to do this, and if you will havea large following on any social website, you have the ability to generatea ton of site visitors to your website swiftly.

The vital key to engaging your fans/followers and making this an effective addition to your wedding marketing plan, is to get their attention with posts that evoke some sort of emotion in your visitor. Whether it be amusement, controversy, curiosity, random thoughts, whatever, just be sure that you’re appealing and engaging directly to your target market. Take full advantage of your social networking posts and build-in your messages as much as possible. For instance, a StumbleUpon post are easily combined with your Twitter and Facebook profiles (or vice versa) so you’re submitting and getting yourself around the market on all 3 social media sites immediately!

#2 Article marketing

I’ve found that as far as wedding professionals go, most of us aren’t utilizing this marvelous form of marketing AT ALL! Generally because no one talks about it so we don’t see it is used, but, let me tell you. It certainly will, and article marketing should really be added onto your wedding marketing plan.

Article marketing is mainly focusing your blogging/content writing efforts on good-quality keywords your potential clients is actually trying to find. This way, just not only do you have a guideline on what to write about, it’s possible to guarantee people will find your work by submitting it to large article websites with huge followers and great authority with the Google search engines like google and yahoo. Ensure you incorporate your bio in the “Authors” box that features a link to your site or blog and a call to action to encourage more clicks!

#3 Blogging I plan on doing a complete post about this soon, so be on the look out, because it’s SO very important that we’re using our sites to promote, promote, promote! But still the most effective forms of getting internet traffic to your website is blogging.

For now, here’s an instant tip. Together with blogging on your site, inquire and find a site with a related audience and following and ask if you provide a guest post! This works like magic if the blog you’re asking has a significantly larger following than your blog! This really is epic for your wedding marketing plan, so be thorough and make it happen!

#4 Video content It’s wild how rapidly an easy to use video could go viral! Much like print content, videos that are amusing, ignite a bit of controversy or offer large value cause a buzz. If you’re marketing video of your previous work, that’s fine also, but maybe you record a little opening in the beginning of the video or maybe include some outtakes at the end!

#5 Partnerships Just like the guest blogging idea, partnering with like-minded business for some sort of joint venture can work extremely well to create quality, targeted internet traffic rapidly. The key is to come up with a mutually beneficial agreement. Find people in your profession that are willing to help you and help each other drive traffic. A partnership may include guest blogging on each others sites, trading ads or even marketing one another in your e-zine.

It’s possible to drive a bunch of traffic to your site or blog fast. The trick is to have a plan in place, know your audience and your goals, and quickly take action. To your great success!

For more tips on how I can help you keep you get the most from your Wedding Marketing Plan, check out my site! I’ll share my 3 simple strategies that helped me get my own Wedding Marketing Plan to work for me!

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