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How to Acquire Targeted Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

Jan 24

Social media is constantly growing and making strides well on into the future. There is even more.

Be Friendly: Social bookmarking sites are social for a reason. They’re by the people, for the people and of the people. If you truly want to find success on social sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg, then you have to make more friends than enemies. Co-operating with other social bookmarking users will help you get the most out of your efforts, and will give you the needed boost. It is not a good move on your part to stay by yourself when you can talk to other site members and get votes for your submissions. Your content may make it to the front page because of its quality. But, the backing from the friends that you have made can help you. For example, let’s say you submit a link to Digg and within an hour you get 20 diggs to your submission. Don’t you think that there will be others that are interested as well? Obviously, this will be the case.

Obviously, there will be differences between the users of social bookmarking sites. So, if your goal is to get your posts noticed and voted up by other members, then you have to go out of your way to build up your profile by creating posts that are valuable. So your social bookmarking use will not be restricted to your personal blogs. But, it being able to help the community locate the most relevant content that is available. When you regularly post links to articles on other websites that are useful and wanted, then it’ll automatically strengthen your profile and give you a respectable position in the social community. Do not forget that social bookmarking sites do not approve of your linking your own posts because they think that you are only attempting to promote your own sites. Instead, contribute to the community so that others will begin to notice you. Prepare Your Server: Always keep in mind that if your article/submission hits the front page of a popular social bookmarking site, you can expect some server crashing traffic to come your way. So, all in all, this is a good result that can turn sour if you do not get ready for it. If you are positive that the link that you bookmarked is going to be that popular, then get properly prepared. Ready your server to take in the heavy dose of traffic. This would not look good in the eyes of your prospects if they see that your website has problems dealing with large volumes of traffic. This is not very professional. You might want to mention this to your hosting company. Make sure that you are very prepared.

Realizing when to submit your content to a social bookmarking website is very essential because this will tell you how much time it takes to get on the front page. So, if your post your bookmarks when your specified market is not awake, then your efforts will be wasted. Bookmarking your links during peak hours will be more beneficial to your and will get you more return on your investment in the end. If you want to put links on Digg or Reddit, it would be a waste to do it before 10 am. Instead, bookmark around two or three in the afternoon for the best outcome. You generally tend to get more traffic on the weekends when compared to week days. But, then again, even the competition is high on weekends. So the only key to find out what time or day works the best for you is to go out there and experiment.

Have Related Articles: The traffic that you generate from social bookmarking websites can be massive. But then again, it might go away in two to three days. So you will not have tons of traffic forever. This is why you be ready in advance so that you can use it to your advantage. It can be expected that the traffic will levels will go down. So have enough content so that your readers will want to stay on your website. Give them more content to feed on. Give them an excuse to not leave your website. Your website should really give them something instead of your one article, when they arrive on your site. Many social bookmarking users can turn out to be wanderers or people that wander from one site to another, without spending much time on them. So turn them from wanderers to valuable visitors that stick around. You should make sure all your articles have related/popular articles to go with them. If you truly want to witness long term results, getting a membership with a social bookmarking website and being a valuable player should be the first thing that you want to concentrate on. So, provide value and not worry about promoting yourself.

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