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It’s your sales approach not the Online Lead Providers

Mar 23

In service-based industries such as plumbing, moving, and odd job men commonly held ground has been met up with buying Web leads. Generally leads are from places such as billy.com, servicemagic.com, lendingtree.com or moving.com. Your prospects go to these internet sites and their affiliates to provide information for a guess for the service they want. When this occurs, an email is sent to your company with their information. For many sales folk, this sucks as an ad source. They look at it and see a potential single digit conversion proportion. The difficulty is not the lead, it is the sales approach and the perspective being taken.

The common sales associate is use to seeing 50% conversion proportion, but with the potential sales they look at it and say, “this isn’t worth it.” The fact is that what they are use to is based off prescreened calls; these are folks who already know a little something about your company and are engaged enough to ask for a cost. This also implies that your selling has engaged the customer enough to call, so the prospects of booking are much higher. We have seen first hand these irritations when working with clients at MovePoint Software for Movers, and it all comes from the way one thinks about leads.

First, you need to understand a telesales call. The purchaser has move than likely not heard about you or your company. Your job, as a sales employee, is to put on the marketing hat and introduce them to your business so that you can engage with them. Simply delivering the price turns your service into a commodity instead of a requirement. You want to show them who your company is, and why its boss.

If you compare this instead to Google AdWords you'll see a different number. With Google, you are paying per click to generate traffic to your website. The cost can be anywhere from $1 to $100 per click, dependent on your industry and the resulting placement. Once Adwords clicks come in, it’s up to your internet site to convert them into contact info or a telephone call. It can take you 5-15 clicks prior to getting an actionable lead. That can be a big waste of money.

To short cut this, lead suppliers send you contact information for less then the price of Google AdWords Traffic, only problem is now you've got to engage them before you sell. Make sure to inform your leads about who your company is. Your values, key endowments, and any other messages generally utilized in your other selling, do this before you sell them on your services. After you recognise that the leads you receive are just like a cold calls and require some marketing mind-set, you can turn your conversion ratios around for the better.

Scott Bonner — Senior Business Analyst MovePoint Moving Software, LLC. Click here for and example List of Moving Lead Providers

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