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Know more about Google Adsense

Jun 05

In the internet, advertising was done in a way that was very similar to other types of media like television, or actually, more like what you see in a newspaper and that was how it was a few years ago. When you go to a website you’d get to see a banner in a certain location. This banner will present an ad for whatever company that was paying for ads on your space.

You’ve probably noticed a lot of things like this over the pages you’ve browsed. You’re looking at an on-line shop, looking for a watch but you get a banner advertising something else. If it was a banner related to your search, you would have probably clicked on it. Well that’s also what the folks at Google thought of, so they came up with Google AdSense. It’s known as a targeted advertising program. What you do is, instead of jumping through hoops to get some banner on your site that your visitors won’t even care about, is you just allocate some region of the screen.

By joining Google AdSense program, you can insert a small snippet of code in your webpage and Google ensures that in the location you specify and a banner related to your content will appear. It’s very easy for Google to do this because Google is a search engine company. It looks for the key words in your page, searches a database of websites to find the ones related to your content. You make a certain amount of profit for each visitor that clicks on an Adsense banner on your site.

This is also great for advertisers. The greatest thing about Google AdSense is that all the content in a banner is relevant. This relevancy is the key to the success of programs, and also the reason why everyone remains happy. The advertiser has a relevantly placed advert, the publisher earns money from their content and Google take their cut. There is nothing better than this.

Of course, as always, Google has set some high standards for its AdSense program, in terms of looks and functionality. You can’t have more than two such banners on your website and Google only inserts text in these banners. So, AdSense advertising is a lot less obtrusive then a regular advertising. But this also means you should position the banner better because in order for you to make the most out of it. So in the end, Google AdSense is an advertising program that is unique because the ads are relevant to the content on the site. Anyone that wants to advertise pays Google for it. Anyone who wants to place ads on their site does this through AdSense and they get paid a well.

All transactions are run through Google, and the advertisers and publishers get access to statistics which help them to understand and moderate the effectiveness of their campaign. This way, they can tune their settings to improve their earnings. Everything is simple but can benefit people from different perspective and it’s one of the reasons Google are known for their innovation and new thinking.

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