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Making Money Online Can Be Easy, Here’s How

Oct 25

All I ask is that you put these strategies to the test and when they prove profitable, visit my site to learn how a chance encounter at a bar in New York City took my business from barely afloat to profitable practically overnight.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes on my way to earning a few hundred dollars per month online.

Getting over these hurdles turned out to be worth it because the money that I make comes in every single month whether I work on those sites again or not. Exerting minimal effort and website maintenance and money keeps coming in is a great feeling.

What a feeling!

On the other hand, were I given the chance to re-start my business from scratch, doing a few things differently would certainly cause me to get to where I am today much quicker and with less effort.

That’s what this article is about dispelling myths about affiliate marketing and getting you from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. First I will tell you about the specifics mistakes that I made on my journey and then I will give you the strategy to bypass all the BS and make money quickly and effortlessly as if you were swimming with the current as opposed to against it.

Back in 2010 while marketing my family’s restaurant and trying to find new customers through Internet marketing, I discovered Search Engine Optimization.

Learning to rank websites on the first page of search engines was good.

The bad news is, even though I got websites on page one of Google, I was focusing on the wrong keywords!

Therefore, my first error was working on ranking for the wrong key phrases.

I was fed up with ranking with nothing to show for it so I bought a course on affiliate marketing and had some success.

I learned a lot from that course but, and here is my second mistake, I created a large site where I tried to promote many different products, services and softwares.

Everything was going great but when the site hit a certain income level it hit a wall. Also it was only after a lot of effort and months after starting the site until the traffic level supported these sales.

I compare this strategy to maneuvering a huge cargo ship. It takes a lot of time and energy to get where you need to go.

That’s when I serendipitously met a guy while at a networking event in a bar in Manhattan who crushed that authority site belief that I was holding on to. It turns out that he’s made over ten million dollars in a little over a decade making sites with only a few pages of content.

I was shocked.

All this time I thought you had to add content every day in order to get in the good graces of Google and he was ranking sites on page one within a few weeks and with a few pages of content??

Wow! I had to pay attention.

What he taught me was something I already knew but did not focus on that exact match domains and having your keywords in the domain accounted for up to a quarter of the ranking factors.

It accounts for a quarter of the ranking factors!

By building smaller sites focused on individual products you can get sites up and profitable much quicker and with less effort because they are easier to rank. This way if you fail, who cares?

My ah-ha moment didn’t stop there. If you can get buyer keywords in your domain and those buyer keywords have enough traffic, you can quickly and easily get buyers to your site with their wallets in hand and ready to spend.

Isn’t that better? Effortlessly swimming with the current as your website guests have money in hand and most of the search engine battle has already been won from day one by having the right kind of domain name.

Here’s Exactly What to Do to Get There

Buyer Keyword Investigation

People typing phrases into the search bar that are later on in the buying process is the key.

The most common phrases searched by people ready to buy are:

-The Service/Product Name

-Product or Service Reviews

-The Specific Model #

-Name of Product Bonus

-Product or Service Followed by the Word Discount

-Inventor/Creator of the Product’s Name

-The Word Buy Followed by the Product Name

-Buy Model Number

Keep all keywords that have more than 1000 people searching for them each month.

Exact match is the option inside the Google External Keyword tool that you must use with this rule of thumb. Broad is any time any of the words you type in are searched for in any order with any other combination of words mixed in… Phrase match means that the searcher is using your words in the same order but still may have additional words too… The Exact match is when the person is searching for only those words in the same exact order… Naturally, there won’t be nearly as many Exact match results as the Phrase or Broad because the probability of someone searching for only those words in that order is always less.

For now just know that when you use the Google External Keyword tool, you want to check off Exact Match and uncheck the other in the left hand sidebar.

Nothing is for certain and this is just a rule of thumb. After doing this a few times and seeing what sells and what doesn’t you will become excellent and keyword research and spotting winners when you see them.

Analyzing the Competition

All you need to do is look at the top ten results in Google when you type in your keyword and answer these questions:

-Does the site have the keyword in the URL? Is it in the front or the back? Root domain or a sub-page of the website?

-Now look at the site titles. Is the keyword in the title of the site?

-Is the keyword found in the description?

-How about in the Header tag?

If any of this is over your head, don’t fret right now because any great market research tool with a competition analysis module will be able to quickly answer all these questions for you.

The amount of external links pointing in to a site is of course important but the exciting point to remember is if you get/have a domain name with your keywords built in, the first spot in the search engine results is yours to defend!

That’s the thing you need to take away from this article, if nothing else. The URL is the most important search ranking factor, by far.

Brian Clark of Copyblogger stated,

“you can gain attention from people via search engines because Google trusts your content.”

Well said by Brian and I believe this is the reason exact match domains rank so highly. Because Google trusts that a site with the keyword in its URL will be the most relevant by default until you prove to them otherwise.

You follow?

The next step is to find the best available domain name that contains your keywords

Go to your nearest domain host and see if the buyer keyword for the product you want to promote is available in .com, .net or .org. My mentor (find out who that is on my website) seems to easily rank any of the three main extensions but they are in priority order.

The only thing he said not to get in your .com, .net or .org is hyphens between words. I am a little skeptical so I recently registered a product name with a hyphen in between the two words so that I can test out the theory on my own.


The last step in this tutorial is to write relevant articles, create videos and post to social sites and forums, in order to build hyperlinks pointing back to your website and have humans and search engine spiders find your website.

Go thing is you probably won’t need to build that many in order to start moving up the search engine results because you have the keywords in your domain, remember?

Bringing It All Together

The great thing about this technique is you will be able to quickly determine whether you have a winner or not and then be able to move onto the next site and product. Just go after the products you think you have the greatest probability of making you money.

Some of your sites will produce no money, some will make you some and some will be homeruns. The more sites you put up the better off you will be. It’s a numbers game just like everything else.

In this article we discussed keywords that have the potential of bringing in money and keyword-rich domains.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to know more, click on the following mybringthefreshreviews.com or Bring the Fresh Affiliate Marketing

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