Old style Network Marketing vs Network Marketing Internet Business Today

If you’re mindful of one of the longest established MLM businesses called Mary Kay, back when that company started there was no Internet, everything was conducted on a face to face basis. Distributors would ask folks into their homes, hold makeup demonstrations, doubtless have one or two glasses of wine making the whole process a very social and private affair.

Network marketing Internet business appears to be a impersonal process, but this is where most new network marketers are hanging out. Folk fail at Internet network marketing, because they do not understand that old concept of personal service. It’s fantastic that millions of people can be reached via the Internet, where off-line network marketing was terribly limited, but sadly few new Internet marketers understand the concept of old school belly to belly marketing. They have never been in a face to face sales situation and hence they have no clue what the term “attraction marketing” means.

It’s not scary, it’s really quite straightforward. If somebody loves you and trusts you they are going to buy from you. And that is absolutelythe same way as it was done with Mary Kay, Amway and all those other network marketing businesses that have survived the test of time. The Mary Kay representative driving around in her pink Cadillac is pleased with her feats, and you can rest assured she didn’t get that Cadillac by selling her friends and family a few bags of eye shade!

So how can this old-fashioned concept of attraction marketing translate onto the Internet?

The idea behind attraction marketing is to help folks. People are on the Internet searching for information. They are trying to find this information because they want something or have a problem. The Internet has built an extraordinarily educated buying public, they’ll research everything before they purchase anything by going on social media sites, posing questions in forums, reading articles and finding appropriate websites.

This is absolutely the way your business needs to be. You must be where those future clients are. It does not mean going on Twitter and posting “buy my product” every ten minutes. You have got to gain peoples trust by proving that you’re an expert, and you really do want to help the individual solve their problem. That’s online attraction marketing.

If you are new to the whole Internet network marketing business idea, the great thing about the Internet is there’s dozens of places you can advertise, and after you get your first few sales you must reinvest your revenues into your business by paying for advertising, maybe on social media sites like Facebook but don’t rush off and do it now. Get a system in place first and follow it. All successful Internet network marketeers have followed a real system.

Where is it possible for people to get information about one of those fantastic systems?

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