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Primerica Review: Financial Independence is Attainable

Feb 20

Facts about Primerica Opportunity

Primerica Review – A Look At Their Products. This company isn’t a one trick pony either. On the contrary, they market multiple financial products and services, some of which include: – Term Life Insurance, Debt Consolidation Loans, Mutual Fund Investments, Auto and Homeowners Insurance, Variable Annuities, Segregated Funds, Long Term Care Insurance, PrePaid Legal Services

Compensation Plan and Training

Primerica Review – A Look At Primerica’s Compensation Plan. This company offers a compelling and very lucrative compensation plan that gives you 25% of the cost of the client’s annual payment for their plan. So for example, if you sign up a client at $500 a year, you receive $125 per year in commissions for that client. Even better, when you get promoted, your commission percentage increases. The next step up form 25% is the Senior Representative, which provides 35% commission plus a 10% override on new reps you bring into the business. In short, it can get pretty lucrative if you work at it and give it time. You can expect to make anywhere from $40,000 up to $100,000 per year, depending on the level of investment you make both in yourself and in the opportunity. Don’t scoff at the 100k mark either. It’s possible. But it’s requires time and effort just like anything else.

Products: One of the most popular products Primerica offers is its term life insurance. Primerica’s affiliates are amongst the best, with 92% of all life insurance claims paid within fourteen days. They successfully reimbursed $1,000,000,000 worth of life insurance policies just last year. They also offer top of the line home and auto insurance, investments, and legal services, just to name a few of its many perks. My final analysis is that Primerica truly is the best option to attaining financial independence.

Finally, the company’s entry into the market cannot be underrated. Available positive Primerica review is a clear sign how many successful individuals have made it through with a company that has received more negative reviews than their positive reviews. This has been effectively proved by the list of earners who comfortably earn a 7 figure check each month. But interestingly and unknown to many people, Primerica is one of the companies that has received credits from BBB for being a legitimate mlm company. This can be attested to by reading some of the reviews written by satisfied clients.

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