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PRweb Review

Sep 29

In this quick PR Web review we will be looking at the main benefits why people would want to use this service and the different pack available.

There are different price points to suit all types of companies with a big saving when you buy yearly.

Here is a quick breakdown of each pack and how they are distributed.

The basic pack is suited to individual online marketers. Every release is hosted permanently on the PRWeb network.

It will also appear on news sites and search engines. You’ll also be able to get your hands on some great statistics that will tell you how successful your release was.

Once you make an account you get access to a dashboard which will show you how many views you have, how many people clicked your links etc.

The next two packs up are more expensive however you get a much high reach and distribution.

Your press release will be sent to an additional 35000 opt-in journalists, a “media digest” list that consists of 4 to 500 regional reporters and/or 150-300 vertical reporters (you choose the list) and it’s also sent through to the Pheedo network (meaning your press release will get recognition on a lot of high profile sites).

Another great benefit is that your release will get picked up by the three top search engines which will bring additional traffic and the links will boost your own site.

The main difference here is that you get all of the features above, but your press release can be sent to large distributors such as the Associated Press.

This gets puts through to large news outlets like USA Today and the New York Times.

You can attach videos, images, and links to further help with reader engagement and sharing. See below for the full review.

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