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Reliable Places: WordPress Tool Debuted By Facebook

Sep 26

In recent years, blogging has exploded on the Internet. Users can express themselves in whatever manner they would like and write about various topics. Many tend to compare it to an online journal. Users find comfort in connecting with others who share similar interests. According to the WordPress website, they host around 74 million blogs around the world. WordPress can clearly hold its own against its competitors, such as Blogger and Tumblr.

Recently, Facebook announced that they would be releasing a WordPress tool. This will make life much simpler for bloggers and social networkers. The Facebook for WordPress plugin allows bloggers to cross-publish their writings to their respective Facebook accounts. Now, users do not have to copy and paste their writings to Facebook. Their followers will have it right in front of their faces when it is automatically posted!

WordPress drives around 16% of the Internet, according to Mashable. Facebook currently has 800 million users across the globe. This plugin will make life much easier for people who use both websites. The tool will allow users to mention the names of friends and family to continue to distribute the content that is created.

This is something that could definitely benefit you if you are a business owner. There is a ton of information to learn about the world of blogging. However, most blogging websites are easy to use and pretty simple. There are often tutorials that will teach you how to use them. Blogging can definitely increase traffic to your site when it is used correctly. It can also bring in a large amount of new readers and consumers.

So get out there and start a blog! Create content about your business and other topics that may interest you. Readers will get to know a different side of you and your business. The new Facebook for WordPress plugin lets you reach a much larger audience. Make sure to share your blog with family and friends. You will surely increase your online presence!

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