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Social Media Marketing Networks As Marketing Tools For Business Are Gaining Popularity

Jul 21

Social media marketing networks as marketing tools for business are now being used as an advertising tool by a number of companies. This form of advertising works by picking up traffic from websites through these sites. Popular pages such as Twitter, Facebook and many of the wide range of Blogs that appear have a vast audience, and by tapping into these, marketers can reach a wide audience.

How to become a part of this advertising frenzy

Companies wishing to advertise their products will place posts that will appeal to many. Readers are encouraged to show their interest and support by passing it on to others by making use of the “share” and “like” options which appear on many of the sites. The success of this type of advertising seems to be very successful, as products and companies receive personal recommendations.

Everyone has the ability to advertise

If you use a computer and have access to the internet then you will be one of the millions visiting such sites. Companies make their names and their brands known through these sites. This makes them familiar to visitors, so when a product is advertised it is remembered as one being popular and so the customer is more confident to purchase it.

Cell Phones also play a part in this game. With internet connections, the social networking sites will send new product information and updated information to the member’s hand held. Again, this has the effect of keeping the company’s name or brand in the mind of potential customers.

As customers, people play a large role in the promotion of a company’s sales. On the whole, this can have a positive outcome but it can have the reverse effect. It does happen though, that many well known public figures say things on popular social networking sites that are negative and indecent, resulting in an uproar from the public. This can have a negative effect on both the person who posted the comment and the product and company they represent.

Another effective method

Online videos are very popular, especially in the US, where 75% of users view them. Of course this makes an ideal platform for more use of social media networks as an advertising tool. Videos of many different types are posted. Companies can place adverts of their products or demonstrations of what can be achieved by using them.

Social media networking continues to expand with more new sites appearing all the time. Advertising departments need to keep in touch with changes in fashions for sites, and watch for the launch of any new ones. Visitors to these pages easily switch their loyalties to a new site which might be more exciting or have more to offer, so companies need to switch their campaigns likewise.

Research has found that marketers using social media marketing networks as marketing tools for business make use of Twitter more than any other social media site followed by Blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook. Video and Social Bookmarking sites are down the list, but still without doubt, a valuable tool. Studies claim that there is a strong increasing trend in the use of advertising via these sites and more than 80% of those interviewed claimed that the benefits they are reaping are very high.

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