Stiforp Profits And Are These Profits For You?

In this Stiforp profit reviews I would like to help inform any Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer and home business entrepreneur to make an informative decision before they invest their time and money into this program. Only here to give you a clear prospective about this company products and program. There is a requirement with 90% of all MLM businesses that their distributors pay a minimum auto shipment of at least one hundred twenty dollars so people can be paid a monthly commission.

I have seen many MLM companies in my 35 plus years in this working world. Stiforp does not provide a psychical product or a consumable product. I am here to give people a review without all the smoke and mirrors just to tell it like it should be. Stiforp spelled backwards is Profits, but is it for them or do they share the profit love?

The founder and the owner is Nauder Khazan who has been into networking business for 20 years and just launch Stiforp platform in September of 2011. He says that Stiforp profits can help any network marketer; affiliate marketers along with anyone with a home based business take it to the next level. From what the founder tells people they offer the complete tools to be more successful for any individual, who is established or just starting out, also someone who is not having the desired income they have hope for.

Mr. Khazan claims Stiforp profits can be an internet business opportunity that pays out to people who sign up after they do, even though you do not sign them up. We will talk more about that topic in a minute. Now, there service provides marketing tools, business building software, training video landing pages, lead capture pages, auto responder, video flash presentations, video spokesperson, traffic rotator, banner ads, and I am told so much more. He says marketers have an excellent chance to take any existing business to this next level by utilizing these tools.

It does appear that any one of these tools may help an online business take it to the next level if they choose to utilize them. Now, the real twist on this Stiforp profits review is they claim to have this generous compensation plan giving 70% of all earnings paid on bonuses to their members.

In this compensation plan is said to be anywhere from $2,000 to $8, 0000 per month. The members who have joined get paid every month on a share of these profits that have new members joined below them in this 2 x 14 matrix. This amount they could make without ever enrolling one person themselves.

So in this 2 x 14 matrix every paid member has 2 positions under them on their first level. When those 2 positions are filled the only place for everyone else to fall into this matrix is under those two people, and that is what Stiforp profits calls spillover.

The conclusion with this Stiforp profits review is they do have some very useful tools that could benefit many home businesses. The cost is minimal at just under $10.00 a month with a one time $49 sign up fee that does include the first month charge. I have seen just one tool cost much more then that in a month let alone the plethora other tools they have to offer. The ultimate bonus I would think is this ability to earn significant residual income on all individual sales, up line sales and business sales.

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