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Struggling with Your Business? Live the Empowered Life!

May 05

There’s nothing like possessing your very own business. You feel like such a big guy or gal. You hold your head somewhat higher. You really feel just a little more self-assured. You’re filled with hope.

That’s how I felt when I initially joined Empower Network. I was filled with hope. Why? Simply because I knew I finally found “it.” You know what I mean.

It = The answer to my trouble.

My problem is I work full-time in a job I hate and every single day that I go to work, another piece of my soul hardens and dies. I want out of this hell. I want a life. I want a real life. A life of freedom where I can make my future instead of getting subjected to it.

Then I found the Empower Network! I was on top of the world. I grabbed it by the horns and ran with it for about three months. What you have to understand about EN is that it really is greater than just a blogging tool. EN is really a rich, thorough and effective mindset and marketing educational system. I was having my mind enriched by daily audios that placed me within the correct frame of thoughts to free myself from the mental nonsense of lack and open myself up to acquire a life of abundance.

Then I was studying a lot about marketing online. Now this really is where the money is. Everything from Search engine optimisation, E-mail campaigns, solo ad marketing, blog syndication, ways to get leads, and so forth, is all supplied inside the EN education. There are actually lots of people on the internet who are not generating money simply because they don’t understand how to market their business. Together with the help of EN, you develop into the answer to their prayers!

The 15k Formula solution, which is only $1,000, is hands down by far the most extensive marketing education package I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot! If you are looking to build a business on the internet and you are not obtaining traffic, leads and conversions, then you are not in business. Simply put, for those who do not possess the 15k Formula, you’ll never understand how you can market your business for the long haul of prosperity. What’s learned here would take a newbie years and thousands of dollars to seek out online on their own, and I have it right at my fingertips each and every day.

But back to my problem…

Not only do I work full-time but I attend college part-time. When Spring Break finally arrived, I decided to give myself a much-deserved week off from work to loosen up. I did not want to work on anything, not even my business. I planned to visit loved ones, then come home and rest. I reveled in my time off, however, getting back on the horse has been challenging.

I returned to work and began having headaches at the end of each day. I’d get home feeling tired and unmotivated to work my business. At night, I’d tell myself that I must get up and do some work. I should really create a quick blog. I must do a quick video. I ought to upload the handful of videos I recorded when I was on vacation but I did not.

I know a rut when I feel it. But how could it be? Did not I just have a whole week off? Did not I feel a lot better? What happened?

I know what happened.

I forgot my Why!

I forgot WHY I began my business.

I took a vacation to temporarily get away from it all but I had to return to reality. My reality is that I hate my job and the life it sucks out of me each and every day. In my absence from my job, I was totally free to live life on my terms…

I watched Television when I wanted…

I slept at my leisure…

I went out for casual walks…

I traveled first class…

I spent ample time with family and close friends…

I treated loved ones and good friends to meals…

I spent money without worry…

I was living the Empowered Lifestyle.

Then I returned to work and all of a sudden I was caught up inside the hell of reality and I forgot about my Why.

My Why is to live the Empowered Life every single day, all day.

The Empowered Life is actually a real life, a genuine life, a feel great life. One that I can look forward to every single day. It doesn’t mean there are no ups and downs, it means I’ve the freedom to create life on my personal terms.

Before I wrote this blog, I was at a “down” but what is terrific about being down is that there is certainly an up. Writing this weblog is my up! Telling my story is my up! Sharing my struggle is my up!

So when you happen to be struggling, just ask yourself Why? Do not ask why you’re struggling. Ask why you want to succeed.

Is the Empowered Life for you? Are you looking to change your life for the better? Then enter your name and email address here and find out if the Empowered Life is for you.

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