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The Customer Advantage Overview With Russ Howe

Aug 13

Now three years old, The Customer Advantage is nearing the final stages of it’s completion and today we look at how the program looks to combine earnings and savings to give members the ideal home based business opportunity for 2013.

If you think Groupon and add a powerful earnings opportunity on the side, you’re thinking along the right tracks.

Looking beyond the earnings and savings, TCA has the potential to change lives for the better and seriously help businesses and nonprofits. For this reason, it’s understandable to company has taken 3 years to establish itself rather than jumping straight in as many home businesses do.

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As a member of TCA you receive two primary things..

* Saving you money at local businesses

* Earning money in the process

Much like Groupon or LivingSocial, TCA is built around the group purchasing model which is incredibly popular online nowadays.

The key differences with the TCA deals are as follows:

* All deals are direct from local businesses. The main focus of the program is helping local communities.

* Most group buying programs, such as Groupon, offer deals with as little as 30% savings to the member. TCA has already stated it’s desire to offer discounts ranging between 50% to 90%.

When you reach the affiliate plan you notice why this opportunity became as popular as it did, resulting in the company rejecting a $25 million takeover offer from Amazon in 2010.

By sharing your TCA business with others looking to save money online for free, you unlock the ability to earn an astonishing 5% commission each time they take advantage of any of their deals. This lasts forever, too.

This affiliate plan actually goes five levels deep, meaning you earn a 5% commission each time a referral introduces a referral, and so on.

The Customer Advantage is still in development and if the developers get everything in place the way they have set out to do we are confident it will surpass anything else in it’s field.

Author: Russ Howe is a world leading sponsor in The Customer Advantage. In order to get the absolute most from The Customer Advantage Opportunity get our free guide today.

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