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The Main Advantages Of Participating in Pure Leverage

Jun 07

Pure Leverage is actually a new business which has a huge leg up on the “100 percent commission” competition. They’ve one of the most amazing payment plans I have seen for affiliates. Other enterprises cause you to “pass-up” 50 % of your first six sales, where you receive No credit for your output. It’s a little weird to me as I feel like every person has earned privilege to obtain a piece of their own output. But not to stress, it seems Pure Leverage has found a way to sneak in 100% upfront income as well as a monthly 50 percent matching bonus for your front line enrollees for a very nice recurring income opportunity.

Guess what?

The money is not even the best element.

The corporation possesses a number of the most well-known and important marketing and advertising tools

Pure Leverage is run by GVO (and Joel Therien) which is a fourteen year-old technology business. This particular advantage gives them a great advantage in the tools it can provide its to members.

These are some of the effective marketing tools you’ll find in the PureLeverage tools package:

– complete autoresponder system

– full video email services

– complete blogging and lead generation system

– full web conferencing service

– complete video producing and video storage program

As a full-time and very serious online marketer I’m completely jazzed up to have all these kinds of programs in one place and for one low cost. My buddy who personally sponsored me (Daegan Smith) painted the picture for me which really made a lot of sense. He made a point that if people build a web-based list of contacts they’ll not quit that enterprise, especially if they are earning cash. Well this firm manages both with their generous payment plan and useful marketing programs that really work….and I use them personally nearly every day. Now I just discovered them at a lower cost and in one place. One password. One internet site. Thank you I’ll take 2!

I actually am parting ways with Aweber to move all my new traffic into Pure Leverage…and Aweber actually delivers me money each month as an affiliate. I am leaving one that pays me to take a “chance” at beating 30 percent commissions to 50-100% commissions. Am I crazy?

Anyhow, I realize that this article is about my excitement to have privately found out the Network Marketing Blog program and opportunity. I’ve the ability to share it with you today for a test drive of the entire program for just a dollar. That is right $1 to test the system yourself and get a feel for it. I’m sure you will be as excited as I’m once you take the “test drive” you have been waiting for.

As an added feature to my personally enrolled affiliates is the chance to take part in my private team visitors “co-ops” that will be a great opportunity to get new leads and new sales. Anyone you bring into our team will also be able to take benefit from this unique team advertising and marketing effort. You do not have to have marketing and advertising knowledge about something available to you like this. SO start and try the 1$ trial today.

For more information about Join Pure Leverage, visit http://workwithjameswehner.com/

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