The Uses Of Data Migration For A Business

The process where data is transferred from one format to another is called data migration. This is often performed when a business’ systems are upgraded or when two companies merge. While this procedure can be done manually, it is often automated. To reduce the issues and facilitate the process, the old data is first mapped into the new system and then transferred. The primary result for this process is to have the old and new systems providing the same function and a reduced loss of information.

In a business, storage migration is perhaps the most common type of data migration, and it is by far one of the simplest. This process involves moving data and information from one storage space to another. Data and information is not normally lost in this process because no conversions need to be done with the files. The risk for losing information increases when files need to be reformatted or converted prior to moving.

Another type of data migration that is used would be application migration, and it is more difficult than the type mentioned previously. Applications are usually very unique in how they are written and how they operate. To have an effective application migration, the whole application will need to be transformed and rewritten. The new application should be functional on many different platforms in order to have the widest market which means that additional testing will be needed.

Database migration is one of the most common types, and it can also be one of the hardest. Because a database stores a large amount of information, there is a larger risk that information or data will be lost during the migration. Oracle to Postgres migration is one of the most complex types of database migration. The two source codes vary drastically and do not operate precisely the same. This type of data migration can take up a lot of time because of the fact that extensive testing needs to be done with the new code to ensure that it works properly.

Data migration is needed for a lot of reasons in a business. They may need to reformat and move their data from one system to another during a system upgrade which will be necessary at some point during the life of the business. Depending on what type of data migration is necessary, the process can be very costly as well as use up a lot of time. To ensure that the process goes by smoothly, it is often recommended that an outside company be hired to facilitate the process.

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