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Three Overlooked Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success

Mar 25

There is a growing tendency for people to over-complicate things when they are trying to make money online. Affiliate programs are very popular these days but, despite the potential riches within many of them, most people struggle to get any real results.

Today we’ll reveal three of the simplest yet most effective business building tools which can be applied to any business in any niche. These rules are often overlooked by most people because they can sound altogether ‘too easy’.

Russ Howe teaches what he did in order to make money online from home.

1. Offline marketing.

2. A business owner’s best friend is his/her notepad.

3. Study your products. Are they really as great as you tell people they are?

Offline marketing is easily the most overlooked aspect of home based business. Affiliate marketers tend to completely ignore this route in favor of directing their attention towards online methods, even if those methods aren’t yielding any positive results. There is an untapped market for you that you cannot reach via the internet.

Why do so many people ignore this method? Two reasons spring to mind immediately. First of all, many people have a fear of promoting their business in their local area. They liked the idea of having a business on the internet where there would be very little face-to-face interaction. Sadly, those individuals rarely get far in home business. The other reason is another common misconception. Many people wrongly believe that you need a ton of cash to promote a business offline.

Naturally, if you plan to purchase ad space on a billboard you can expect a large fee. But that’s not what offline marketing actually is. There are very cheap methods available such as drop cards, fliers and business cards which have all stood the test of time and are used by tons of people with their own business in the offline world.

After all, opportunities such as Avon and Mary Kay have been telling their reps to market in their local area for years now to great success. The main benefit of offline marketing is that it gets you to stop treating your business as a hobby and get more serious, it’s not just something you do online it’s something you do in real life. Also, because everybody overlooks it you tend to find that you have very little competition in most niches.

Carrying a notepad with you might sound like relatively simple advice, but you would not believe the amount of affiliates who don’t do it. As a result, they forget potentially great ideas they had for their business because they came to them while they were away from their computer and they didn’t write it down. They are losing some of their best ideas.

By carrying a notepad in your bag you will surprise yourself at just how many potentially good ideas you generate each day.

Last but not least, study your products package. Are you purely with your affiliate program because of it’s earnings potential? Is there little value to the products? The most important aspect of any opportunity is the products.

The affiliate plan should take a back seat when weighing up how good a business opportunity is. Programs like Empower Network have succeeded because of their product package, while the affiliate plan is lucrative there are others out there which represent better earnings opportunities.

If you are trying to find a way to make money online as an affiliate, the three simple steps taught to you today represent some of the most proven, yet most overlooked, marketing tricks of all time. They have been used by countless individuals on their way to becoming their own boss and they still work in the digital age.

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