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Top Article Marketing – Top 10 Causes Your Content Are Usually Rejected

Aug 20

To make sure that more of your content get published, follow these simple guidelines you may have a better chance of seeing your content online.

1. Subject line is all CAPS. You need to only capitalize the 1st letter of each and every word. All caps signifies shouting.

2. Misspelled words and incorrect grammar. Make sure that you read and re-read your article before submitting it and check for spelling errors.

3. Article is simply too short or too much time. Most article sites prefer articles within the 500 to 700 word range.

4. Article is improperly formatted. Different word processors treat characters differently. A splash or an apostrophe display as question marks. Employing a text editor surpasses a word processor.

5. Too many links. Most article sites allow links within the author’s resource box but having multiple or two are certain to get your article declined.

6. Links inside the articles. Not many article sites allow links inside the text with the article. It is best to simply have them in the author’s resource box.

7. Improper bolding. I will understand sub-paragraphs being bold or an occasional word bolded for emphasis. But, you shouldn’t bold your links.

8. Incorrect HTML. Make sure that your HTML – especially your links – are formatted properly. I have seen many errors which make your link ineffective. The most typical errors are using an apostrophe instead of a quotation mark at the beginning and end from the link and not closing the hyperlink properly .

9. Articles don’t sound right. This is usually due to writers using some sort of a rotator or thesaurus to change the positioning of sentences or words to ensure that when using an automobile submitter, the articles are different at all the various article web sites. I understand the reasoning to get unique articles however some of these programs don’t act as well as you would like.

10. Submitting ads instead of articles. It’s always best to write an article related to your product or internet site instead of blatantly advertising something you are trying to sell.

This is not an all-inclusive list and reflects only one man’s observations. But, I actually do have about 10 different article sites and also some blogs that accept articles automatically. I screen the articles daily which are the guidelines I personally use to accept or reject articles.

I am a little more lenient on the articles listed in the blogs. I tend to allow links inside text a lot more than at the purely article sites since the links are more acceptable in blog in comparison to an article. This is just my attitude – others may disagree.

Anyhow, in case you follow the guide above, I do believe that more of the articles is going to be accepted. Take into account that most of the article sites their very own set of submission guidelines and you ought to check them out before submitting. Happy marketing.

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