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Vemma Review – What is Vemma

Jul 11

Before you read this article you have to understand that there are thousands of network marketing companies out there and it is YOUR job to do the research about which one is right for you. I appreciate your curiosity to look into and research Vemma and I hope that this review will help you make a decision about this company.

This company was established by owner and CEO BK Boreyko in Scottsdale AZ, in 2004. Fairly new but not brand new to the network marketing game, BK has created a youth revolution within his company over the past 7 years. BK works with a team of experts in the wellness industry to product a product that is not only very healthy, but can provide a financial opportunity for people worldwide.

I have been asked several questions about my company but the biggest one i have to continually answer is What is vemma?

Now this question can provide a variety of different answers so I’m going to do my best to explain what this company is from my point of view.

Before you understand what exactly the company is you need to learn about what it isn’t. Vemma is not a “scheme,” “scam,” “fluke,” or other sketchy term you can come up with. Companies like this have a negative reputation because of illegal practices like pyramid schemes. BK’s company is the official drink of 2 NBA, 2 NHL teams, endorsed by Michael Jordan, and promoted by Dr. Oz as the # 1 vitamin energy drink supplement for our population.

Due to the credibility behind BK’s business i hope that your skepticism has dwindled down to nothing if not a little. Lets continue with the review by going over their payment plan. This business uses a binary structure to pay their distributors. If you are new to a binary structure it’s based on a 2 team strategy. For example you enroll 2 members into you team, one on your right, and the other on your left. The structure builds when they in turn recruit 2 members on their team. The benefits of this is to give you an incentive to build your team. in an essence you don’t succeed unless you help others succeed.

I fell that the binary compensation plan is an excellent way for vemma to pay its distributors. This method promotes and encourages team work and building leaders in your downline. Once you build leaders on either side they then build their own leaders on their left and right teams. The chink in the chain occurs when people in your downline don’t recruit their 2 people. This issue can easily be resolved by finding quality people who are MOTIVATED to succeed!

When you begin with your company you need to have a effective strategy to recruit prospects. Th normal method people like to use is the 3 foot rule. This rule implies that you talk to everyone and everyone about your company that comes within a 3 foot radius of you until you get a yes. Although this strategy may work for some I find it difficult to achieve quality prospects. I had my own experience with this method so i refrain from using it anymore.

I no longer use this method because i despise bugging every member in my family and pestering all my friends about vemma. This was showing me no success and over the course of 2 weeks i only sponsored 3 new members in my vemma business. I had to look for another way to sponsor new reps because obviously i was doing something wrong. I did A LOT and i mean A LOT of research about network marketing and one website i stumbled across changed my life forever and made me rethink the “classic” methods of network marketing. I am now able to sponsor 1-2 new members into my vemma business opportunity DAILY!

Nick is a professional in network marketing recruiting. To view more vemma reviews watch another what is vemma? Vemma informative media.

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