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Ways In Which Search Engine Optimization Differs From Social Media Optimization

Aug 07

Search engine optimization and social media optimization are two methods that can drive traffic to your website, but they are both very different. The strategies will draw traffic to the site from two different places, but they each have the same goal. Websites and businesses that are looking to strengthen their web presence and increase their website traffic would gain from using both strategies, but many will often choose only one strategy to work on.

When a website is designed or changed in order to be more compliant with search engine recommendations, the strategy is known as search engine optimization. The site will have a higher position on a search engine from the use of keywords, being linked to relevant sites, and having a good layout or design. These are natural and unpaid results rather than advertisements that are displayed at the top of the page. A lot of individuals only focus on the top results on the page which is why it is very important that the website is listed among these top spots. The first page of results will get a lot more traffic from the search engine than sites that are ranked on pages two and beyond.

Social media optimization uses social networking sites to push traffic to a website. It is necessary to use this technique to tap into the many social media users since search engines can’t always link back from pages on social networking sites. Millions of people, both locally and worldwide, use social networking sites and this is an ideal place to grab their attention. In order to connect with customers, a business will just need to make a page or profile for them to view.

There is minor overlap between search engine optimization and social media optimization which is why it would benefit websites and businesses to make use of both. Depending on the nature of the business, one may be better suited than the other. By skipping over one strategy completely, a website could potentially be losing traffic from millions of people. In order for a business to remain competitive it needs to have a strong web presence, which is something that is provided by both.

Search engine optimization and social media optimization should be implemented in order for a website or business to increase its page views. If a company wants to increase its presence in the search engines using keywords, professional link building, and website design, then SEO is the approach to take. When it comes to using social networking sites to bring in traffic, SMO is the best option. New website visitors are brought in organically by both methods rather than brought in through the use of paid advertisements.

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