Ways To Remain Mobile

As a mobile marketing consultant, I must be mobile! Here is some information on how I stay online whenever and wherever I am as well as on what I do online and what this means for companies that want to market to folk like me.

How To Keep Mobile

In my job as a digital and mobile marketing consultant I travel a lot. I always need to be on the web. I used to lug around a laptop computer and a cellphone. These days I use an iPad and and iPhone. The iPad is a lot lighter than a laptop computer and the batteries last much longer so for me it’s ideal. Below are some pointers and tricks that’ve been really handy to me.

Do not buy a 3G/4G enabled iPad – just get the WiFi version. I have got a separate MiFi modem on a different network to my mobile phone. I bought an ulocked Huawei E586 which I am currently using on a ‘3 ‘ prepaid sim with 3GB of data for 3 months at £11. I may also utilize my iPhone as a wireless hotspot tethered modem (just be absolutely certain this is included in your mobile price plan) if I’m out of ‘3 ‘ coverage. So, I have 2 networks behind me so I very rarely get coverage issues. I’m able to also put a foreign pre paid sim in the modem when I’m abroad to avoid outrageous roaming costs. It’s important to note that, as well as putting in the sim card into the modem, you need to set the right profile (APN or Access Point Name) into the modem. This is simple to do using the modem’s control facility and you’ll find details for most networks by Googling ‘APN Settings’.

If you’re going to be out for many hours take a spare battery of some type. I have one which can charge up my iPad to about 50% and also has adaptors for charging up my MiFi modem.

If you need a keyboard then there are a variety of combination keyboard covers for iPads. I bought one for £20.

Use Dropbox to synchronise all your files so you’ve got access from both iPad and iPhone.

How To Market to Mobile People

When I’m looking for something local to me I use Google Places. If you get business from travellers then you need to be listed on Google Places. A mobile website which is easy to view on an iPhone (or similar) without ‘pan and zoom’ is also a good idea.

Peter James is an Internet Marketing Consultant with a special experience as a Mobile Marketing Consultant. He has much experience in working on the mobile and Internet technology industries and uses this, along with his marketing abilities, to help firms grow their profits using Internet and Mobile marketing solutions and services. His company is WSI Digital Advantage and there is further advice on mobile marketing here.

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