What Is Stiforp Profits & their 2 x 14 Matrix?

Some amazing info about Stiforp profits with out clubbing you to death with the boredom mallet. I would like to share some cool info for people who like to jump start their business or take it to the next level. Now, profits spelled backwards is Stiforp, let us look a little deeper at this time to see if they pass on some of their profit love.

Stiforp is pretty new and was started by Nauder Khazan last year in September of 2011. He has over 20 years experience in the networking industry and first started when he was 24. The first job he had was door to door selling water filters. That is where he enhanced his skills and move up the networking latter.

With Stiforp it is about there marketing tools that include business building software, training video landing pages, lead capture pages, auto responder, video flash presentations, video spokesperson, traffic rotator, banner adds, and they say much more. I can see how marketers have a much improved chance to take any existing business to this next level by utilizing tools.

What is very unique about Stiforp profits is not that they have good tools that are very inexpensive. It is that they pay people to use and share the love of these tools and get paid for it. They have this 2 x 14 matrix that pays people who sign up below them and get paid whether you sign them up or not.

On every Tuesday and Friday night (at midnight PST) people who have signed up before the time period are positioned in the matrix. They are put in the pinnacle promising point in their up line en rollers in the 2 x 14 matrix.

In this 2 x 14 matrix, which means every person has 2 positions under them on their first level. When those 2 positions are filled, “which happens fast”, the only place for everyone else to fall into is their matrix is under those two people, and that is what Stiforp profits calls spillover.

These 2 x 14 matrix’s have had some pretty impressive numbers and stats just with in the first 24 hours. Many of the matrix’s that I viewed had an average 75 to 125 paid members before the next day, which is with brand new memberships. The pre enrollees will get emails sent to them from their up lines through their auto responder, and even more of those people will sign up too.

This Stiforp profits conclusion is I see a good quality products and value just with the marketing tools alone, which could be more important to most people. When you can make an added residual income on top, which is an added bonus. The cost is under $10 a month with a one time $49 start up that pays for the first month also.

The good old gold rush days and Internet business has some things in common even though it was back in (1848-1855). Back in the Yukon also in California Gold Rush, individuals profited the most of the wealth were those who were selling mining equipment, NOT the miners. Yes, I only hope you keep that in mind my friends, good luck to all.

Tired of all the smoke and mirrors when it comes to your business & want more bang for your buck? Go to Stiforp Profits!’, Would you like more amazing info and how to get 20% off Stiforp Profits? We will talk soon!. This article, What Is Stiforp Profits & their 2 x 14 Matrix? has free reprint rights.

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