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Where To Look For Working Online Opportunities

Jul 04

People often ask if there really are legitimate online jobs. The answer, in one word, is yes. In fact, the question people should now be asking is not about the jobs’ legitimacy but where to find them. The difference between successful and unsuccessful job seekers is the place where they look for working online opportunities. There are a handful of them actually. Though it takes some patience, time, and perseverance to go through them, the efforts will eventually prove to be fruitful.

If you have a flair for writing, this is a good and profitable time to pound on the keyboard. Online writing jobs are in abundance nowadays since a lot of companies are on the lookout for writers who would produce original articles for their websites. You can also take regular assignments from online magazines and send articles to article directories. There’s one thing you need to consider, though. Though a writing degree is usually not a requirement, good writing skill is. Therefore, constantly improve your writing to keep more assignments coming.

1. Search engines. Use search engines to look for company websites and job boards, from which you can start job hunting. Your success, of course, lies in using good keywords. Other than “online jobs,” use popular keywords that may generate good results. The key here is to experiment and identify which keywords produce the best results. You can also try to look at how legitimate companies label online jobs in their job posts, and then use them as keywords when searching. Remember to always narrow your search by adding your field of expertise to your keyword.

2. Job boards. Many good online job opportunities are listed in job boards. Take a close look at each job that you find interesting. Read the job and company details. Then, find more information about the company. If you can, contact the employer to ask for other details not included in the listing. If the company name and contact details, however, are not provided, you may want to leave that out. The general rule in looking for an online job is to do an extensive research about the job before considering applying.

3. Forums. Online forums form a community where a free exchange of information is encouraged. Take advantage of it. Look for threads that might give you job leads, or perhaps you can start one. There are two ways you can start the conversation: either you directly tell people you are looking for an online job or you can ask for advice and guides, which can possibly lead you to job pitches. Gather the job leads you have and start your research from there.

To begin, you need to think of a product that creates the more demand or something that touches a niche market. Then find a credible supplier and put up a customer-friendly website. Take note that the operative word here is customer-friendly, and this means a website that is not gruesome to navigate and provides every bit of product, shipping, and payment detail. However, if creating your own website is impossible, you can make use of free blog sites, social networking sites, or e-bay. Now if everything is set up, begin marketing your store.

5. Network of contacts. Contact your family, friends, colleagues, classmates, and everyone else who you think might help you find an online job. Tell them specifically what kind of job you are looking for. The more specific you can get, the more chances they can find you a potential match.

It is true that having an online job teach kids independence, but parents still need to get involved and know what kind of jobs their teens are up to. The Internet, by nature, may pose dangers for teens, so parents need to figure out if there are issues of job legitimacy, safety, and modesty to address. They need to know for whom the teens are working, how they are going to be paid, how much time the job will consume, and if the job is helpful to the finances and personal growth of their teens. If the working online jobs are rather questionable, parents need to take action. And if they are not legitimate, the employer should be reported to the authority at once.

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