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Why Affiliates Fail In Empower Network And Global Domains International

Dec 26

Global Domains International and Empower Network are both highly powerful home businesses, so why do so many affiliates not make any money or reach any success with them? The answers for both businesses are hauntingly similar. The good news, however, is that they are also very easy to prevent.

Below is a list of the most common reasons for failure in these home businesses. The statistics are far away from the hype and riches promised in the videos you see online, but the fact is over ninety percent of affiliates are failing. You may see yourself in one of the descriptions below.

* Despite the big claims you may see online, most affiliates receive no help or support in building their business at all.

* Most new members to either opportunity have no idea how to get started.

* Many find themselves trying to refer friends and family out of nothing more than simple desperation.

* Most of us see pictures of so called Guru’s sat on a beach earning that online income on autopilot and assume it’s as simple as joining up and sitting back.

There’s a couple in that list which will go away by simply applying your own common sense to your business. However, there are a few which are genuinely tricky to prevent.

One of those is the issue of so called Guru types making all kinds of promises and guarantees of easy riches, then providing zero actual help after the member has handed over their membership money.

People will say anything to get you to join their business. Why? Because it will make them money, of course. So how do you choose someone to work either business with?

Both of these opportunities, as great as they are, have sponsors who are willing to promise you the world in exchange for you signing up underneath them. If you’ve never been misled before you can be forgiven for it happening to you however once it’s occurred you’ll notice these guys are very easy to spot. They often say the same type of thing in their ads.

Any affiliates promising you that they will build your downline for you should be avoided as sponsors. Also, anyone claiming that their miracle marketing system will do all the work for you is also best avoided. These are proven marketing strategies of poor sponsors who are not effective at branding themselves or backing up their claims with facts.

After all, if a sponsor really was to provide a system which would build your business downline at the push of a simple button they would not be out there advertising their business, right? They’d just use their own system, and in most cases they certainly wouldn’t share it with anyone else.

No matter how great something looks, there is simply no get rich quick business or system out there. Realizing this is a fact will help you take the first and most difficult step to becoming your own ‘boss’ for real and avoiding becoming another online statistic.

See today’s video to help you get started with some tips. [youtube:oAf2f9bW9I0;Russ Howe is a world leading sponsor in [link:Global Domains International] and Empower Network.;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAf2f9bW9I0&feature=related]

To succeed in either company you simply need to get your priorities and vision straight, then stick to it. Surrounding yourself with others who share your passion also helps. You won’t find false promises when you do that, and you won’t find a miracle solution to all of your financial problems. However, if you are as serious as you dream of being, you already know that.

Whether trying to succeed with either Global Domains International, Empower Network or even both, it is very easy to follow the rest of the 97 per cent of affiliates down the path to failure. The advice given here today will help you take the first step away from this.

Creator: World leading sponsor Russ Howe built a 20k income with Global Domains International despite being just a fulltime dad and gym instructor. His new guide reveals how to make money online.

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