Writing Press Releases – Effective Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Writing press releases is one of the most popular ways in promoting a business online. If you think that it is old fashioned, think again. Big and small ventures make use of press release often because apart from being effective in getting brands known to the public, it’s also cheap and easy. In this article, let’s talk about the basic steps on how to make a press release.

Before anything else, let’s define what press release is.

There are times when you may hear a press release being called “news release” and this is rightfully so. Basically, it’s a write-up that talks of something newsworthy in an organization or company. For instance, it can be an article about scheduled events, new products or services, awards, citations, accomplishments, and the likes. It is crafted to improve public relations through the use of media.

Now, onto the steps on how to write press releases:

Make a headline. The headline is what the online public would see first so it’s necessary to give it ample consideration. Remember that it doesn’t have to contain highfaluting words. In fact, the simpler the words are, the better. You just have to ensure that it bears the gist of what the article is about. You can also write it slightly bigger than the body or in boldface to increase impact in the social media today.

Create the body. Because a press release is also known as a news release, you must write it just as how you would write your usual news story, following the inverted pyramid pattern. The lead paragraph must have the what, the who, the when, the where, and the why. Then, the next should expound on the lead further. The remaining must provide support, citing the most important to the least.

Speak of your company. Writing press releases can’t be complete without speaking of your company. This is particularly true if you are sending the article to various news agencies. To give the agency an idea of who you are and what you do, it is vital that you create a short company introduction. You can also opt to do this by utilizing the boilerplate on your article. In the old newspaper language, boilerplate is the spot where standard texts are printed in repeatedly, say, meaning of the acronyms in stock exchange. In your press release, you can use this to talk about your company in a couple of sentences. Don’t forget to include your link as well, so readers can visit your site when they wish to.

These are the steps on writing press releases. They may not sound easy but you can surely get the hang of them through constant practice. If money isn’t an issue, you may even opt to hire an expert either to teach or do the job in your behalf. You might be surprised at how many firms and private individuals offer services in online marketing. You just have to be willing to pay.

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