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3 Simple Steps To Successful Business Networking

Jul 12

Building successful relationships with like-minded people is one of the surest ways to ensure you have a successful business. It’s very common for business owners who network together to refer clients to each other when they see how their clients can benefit. The more relationships you create with the people inside and outside your industry, the more chance you have of a potential client being referred to you right when you need them.

The sad fact is that many business owners don’t network enough because they feel they are too busy running their business. The 3 tips I’ve shared below will help you to take advantage of the power of business networking.

1. Help Other Business Owners And They Will Help You In Return

When you are networking with people online or offline, show them some of the insider tricks you normally reserve for your best clients, and prove how much you could be of service to their business.

Fight the urge to talk about yourself and your business, and ask probing questions to show the other person that you are genuinely interested in what they do. Share valuable information that they can use right away to improve their business in some way, and they will see you as a solution provider rather than just another sales person.

2. Keep Your ‘Elevator Pitch’ Short And Simple

When you are talking to other business owners at networking events, try not to confuse them with complicated plans or explanations of what you do. Create a short, memorable ‘elevator pitch’ that explains what you do and who you help, so people ‘get’ it immediately. This will help them to see how you might be able to help them, or they may know somebody who is the perfect prospect for you to contact.

3. Try To Do The Majority Of Your Business Networking Online

The community based around LinkedIn has grown extremely quickly over the last 3 years, and is now one of the best networking opportunities of all time. If you are a business owner, sales person or you are self-employed, Linkedin is a gold mine of potential opportunities. Spend some time on the site and you’ll start to see them everywhere. Offline networking meetings (BNI, Toastmasters, Chambers Of Commerce) can still important places to meet potential partners, but Linkedin is a terrific time saver for getting in touch with people, especially for that vital first contact.

Growing Your Business Into The Future

So take a few minutes out of your schedule some time today, and create a clear, compelling description of what your business is and does. You’ll then use this as your Elevator Pitch whenever you meet new business owners. Visit Linkedin and meet some prospective networking partners by offering to help them with something first. By doing this, you’re going to start finding people who can refer clients to you, and you can refer people to them. Business networking done the right way really is a win-win for everybody.

Networking is a very important part of growing your business. In addition to that, this affiliate marketing training lifts the lid on a system that can help you find a lot more buyers for your products and services. You can learn more about networking and business growth strategies by visiting our website.

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