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The Tool Of Getting More Likes On Facebook

Jul 12

Getting more likes on Facebook is an important tool for businesses and other organizations to get the word out about their product or service. Social media has changed the way society accesses information. Those who are looking to reach customers are looking to harness the power of social media. Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool.

Mark Zuckerburg and several of his fellow Harvard students had and developed the idea for Facemash, which eventually became Facebook. Harvard students used it first, then additional colleges and universities in the United States joined in. Soon, people all over the country and the world were a part of the trend. The current number of users is inching toward the one billion mark.

Finding nearly one billion people of different ages, locations and other demographics is akin to finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for those who are hoping to sell something. A new way of developing a client base has emerged. Part of this marketing strategy involves getting users to click to the business or organization page and “like” it.

Previously, internet marketers used a system of link building where links on different sites lead back to the target site. The “like” method has become a more popular method than link building. There are many reasons that illustrate the superiority of liking. Facebook users are real people. They are not spammers and their inclination to like something is out of a conscious decision.

Another positive aspect about this method is the automatic recommendation. When a person clicks the like button, it is reflected on their page. Their friends see this as an endorsement and may be prompted to visit the page themselves. This process also provides for interaction with customers in the form of posts and other updates. It is also free.

Several effective ways to get fans have been developed. Sometimes, all it takes is to ask. Tagging those people featured in posted photograph or statuses can drive traffic to a page. This will also make available those pictures and statuses to the friends of those tagged.

Some will offer incentives available only to those who have become fans of the page. These may include some type of video, image or even a discount or coupon of some sort. Marketers should identify what their target audience values to make the best use of the incentive tool. Allowing comments from fans and non fans is a good way to increase traffic.

Getting more likes on Facebook is a way to reach millions of potential customers or clients in one place. It is a vital part of modern business practice. What was once advertised via television or print ads or radio now comes in the form of statuses, photos, badges and tags. Those who will succeed today will be wise to master this method and use it to their benefit.

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