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3 Tips For Better Online Marketing

Aug 20

It’s not the best time to run an online business, especially an online retail business. Consumers are becoming increasingly more difficult to attract. To make matters worse, there is a consistent flow of new technologies that are being created that you must keep up with.

There is a plethora of online tools that can assist you with this. There are also several areas that marketers must focus on in order to find success on the Internet.

Speed is the first area that marketers must focus on. Major search engines, like Google, have made it clear that this is something clear that they take speed into consideration when completing the ranking process. You will lose your audience if your website does not have the capability of loading quickly. Conversation rate drops from two to seven percent every extra second your site loads. Page views also decrease by one or two percent. A slow site also has the unfortunate mishap of suffering in ranking results. You will instantly be at the top of your game if your website is fast. Make sure that your site is optimized.

Customer view is an especially important aspect to focus on. Approximately, three quarters of consumers use around two points of contact before making a purchase. People will make many visits before they make the actual purchase. During the time of a sales cycle, customers are influenced by various external factors. This includes social messaging and offers, which often make or break the decision to buy. Market researchers are starting to pay attention to the consumer’s journey. It is necessary to know why or why not the consumer used your site.

Lastly, work on perfecting the personalization of your site. Once you have completed the previous steps, focus on personalizing the user’s experience with your brand so it is unique. Layout, design, messaging, and stock are the perfect combination for personalization. Serve the right content at the right time to your customers. Your website should be a hit if you do all of these things and track your results. Good luck!

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