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How Professionals Set Their Digital Marketing Consultant Rates

Sep 14

Whether or not you are an experienced digital marketing consultant, you need to set your digital marketing consultant rates in a very reasonable way. However, not all marketing consultants know how to effectively set up their rates that they often settle for less or lose their clients. In other words, you need to know how much to charge for your clients by not overlooking to the number of hours that you need to work for your clients and marketing.

However, some consultants are not good in giving reasonable charges to their clients. They are afraid to bid or ask because they do not have the idea on how much working hours it would take them. It is never wrong to be practical and direct to your clients, especially when you know your capabilities. There is nothing wrong in asking for the rates for digital marketing consultant that would compensate your hard work and experience in digital marketing even if you are still an amateur.

Get rid of overcharging your clients otherwise; you will lose them. You can learn how to compute your price by starting with your annual goal.

For example, you think of 70,000 as your annual salary goal this year. You know that there are 52 weeks in a year. Given this fact, you compute the number of weeks in a year that you have to spend for occasions like holidays, physical health examination or birthdays. Say, you ended with a remaining of 45 weeks. Normally, you would work 40 hours per week as a full time consultant. To get the total hours you preferably use to work, just multiply 45 by 40, which will give you 1800 hours. With your set annual salary goal, you divide it by 1800. This will give you 38.39 USD as an hourly rate for the year.

However, you do not want to skip the actual (real-time) hours you work for your client. You do not actually work for him or her straight for 1800 for the whole year. Preferably, you might only be working for him by half of your 1800 hours because you need to spend 50% of it for marketing or administration. This time, you have to calculate your billable hourly rate for the actual time you need to spend for your client. Take 50% of 1800 which gives you 900 hours. So, $70,000 divided by 900 hours would give you a billable hourly rate of $77.78 per hour.

This computation can also be used if you prefer project based work. You can break down the number of hours it would take you to complete the whole project. Just do not overlook the number of hours it would take you to complete the tasks with marketing and management otherwise; you will come short with the rate you charge to your clients.

This is the secret why most marketing consultants are confident in dealing with their customers. They understood the whole concept of the calculation – making the most out of their job while giving some time for their loved ones and even to themselves. If you ever you might want to take result based tasks, this calculation might not work anymore. They normally have their own way of computation which might be different from the concept tackled above. Still the choice is yours.

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SEO To Rank In Google And Backlinking Process

Aug 29

When making use of SEO on a page which has photos, make sure to make ample use in the alt tag. Search engines can’t view photos and so cannot index them. However, should you contain relevant text in the alt tag, the search engine can base it really is guess concerning the image on that text and boost your site’s ranking.

You will need to produce your website pop up within the google search outcomes. Build a really strong website and use search engine optimization to obtain it discovered. If other neighborhood companies inside your location never have this, you will stand out like a shining star in the crowd.

Insert your keyword into any summaries you give when supplying backlinks. Use the most compelling phrases and don’t forget a call to action in those summaries, but it’s crucial to contain your keyword. Not just for the reader, but for the search engines, who’re continuously looking for clues about relevant content.

To be able to know in case your efforts to optimize your site’s look in net search results, it’s important to monitor your web page rank, which may be done with all the Google toolbar. It is also crucial to monitor what key phrases your visitors are entering in their search to find your web site.

Engaging meta description tags for every page on a site may be extremely useful when getting search engine optimization goals. Description tags offer a good worth to you because it will probably be employed to blurb about your site or page on search engine final results. Make the meta tag content material beneficial and concise. This may aid in getting guests for your site, even more than ones that rank ahead of you on the search engine results.

Search engine optimization may be enhanced by joining your local Chamber of Commerce as well as the Far better Business Bureau. They are going to frequently link you automatically and tremendously improves your probabilities of becoming discovered throughout local searches. You can also use world wide web tools to find out who is linking to you. While you could feel this really is going to take a long time, it really is extremely helpful to your site.

Give every photo you add for your pages a unique and relevant name. If you don’t, then you are throwing away a huge opportunity for SEO. Search engines crawl pictures and if they see further proof of the page’s validity it will assist using the web page rank. Make sure to fill in alt tags also.

Don’t clutter your website with useless products that take up useful income space. While several of these issues can add some flare or decoration, additionally they expense you cash. Yes they might be free of charge, nonetheless, it really is just wasted space if that space could be creating income through an ad or hyperlink.

One easy search engine optimization method you are able to implement would be to contain keywords within your HTML title tag. This helps the search engines like google to easily decide what your page is about. Not merely that, but when visitors look for your keyword, it’ll show up in bold inside the search final results, drawing more focus to your listing.

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Free Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website To Give You The Attention You Need

Aug 29

Without traffic, that website will just set there, possibly costing you money by tying up space on that hosting companys servers. There are a lot of different ways to get traffic to it. Some of those will cost a lot of money and some of those are no cost. The free ways to get traffic to your website will require you to spend a little time producing those things that people can find to get that all important attention back to that site you are promoting.

Writing articles and posting them on an article directory is totally free. There are many of these and a good portion of them are high ranking, so they will help boost your work on the results pages. All that is necessary is some good quality writing and a back link to the main page.

Some newsletters will offer free space for an article of yours. These are offered for very specific offerings, so check with them what they are looking for, first. Some will offer to revenue share with you and others may offer a little money. The best thing about all of these is that back link to your site.

Search engines love blogs and Blogger.com helps you set one up. It is also no cost, yet has many of the bells and whistles you might find in a paid website building program. The ability to update easily and to generate money from the Google adsence program is also a very good deal. Remember to insert that back link in every post. These blogs work best when they are updated every few days, otherwise people will think you have lost interest in the subject.

The use of Face book to generate traffic is almost a necessity today. This multi page format will assist in the generation of interest to that website, or you might move the entire business over here. This no cost service can be used to make, like the Gurus have already made, millions.

Several other sources of free traffic are Squidoo and Hubpages. The thoughts that went into the construction of these sites will amaze you. The ability to post articles and other forms of information, along with the flexibility to generate extra income simply from the gadgets available, is all without cost and quite easy.

The many advertising sites will also assist in getting that all important traffic to your page. Some of these, of course, are paid but the vast majority of them are free. They are usually a fairly high Google ranking and bring many people, from all over the world, to see what is being offered.

The last to be mention is the forum postings. These can be some of the best because, while you are posting and leaving a back link to you page, you are also learning other valuable things. The thoughtful postings on these sites will assist in what you are doing and information about things you want to do next. The free ways to get traffic to your website are many and varied, however, with a bit of time and dedication, that traffic will be yours.

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Video Marketing Tactics That Work

Aug 28

There is no point in creating a video if no one is going to watch it. This is why you have to employ several video marketing tactics to help increase viewership. The following advice will help you get your video seen

1. Don’t just make a standalone video. Create a series. An ongoing series is an excellent way to keep viewers coming back again and again. Even if your first videos don’t get a lot of views, you’ll eventually build an audience who will go back and watch those old videos later. There are a number of video marketing tactics that apply to series, but here are some of the basics.

If you are a good storyteller, use this skill when you are on video. Relate a story that has something to do with your niche. The idea is to make the story so good that people will stick around to see what else is in your videos. You will become known for giving the public a good story, which is a great skill to have.

3. Create Commercials To Run During Videos: This is one of the more expensive video marketing tactics, but it has been known to work like a charm. You can film some great commercials and have them run during some of the more popular Internet videos. The more popular the video, the more it may cost you to advertise, so keep that in mind.

This is one of the most important video marketing tactics because people will get to see the product in action, so they can get a better idea of what to expect once they buy it.

If you are serious about using video to market your products, you should use all of the information you have learned here in order to make it happen.

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What Is Internet Marketing

Aug 23

Internet Marketing : Tips on How to Make Money Online

The final principle which you have to know is the fact that a thing like a magic button never exists in the business world. This means that you have to work hard if you want to go up. The hard work shouldn’t be there for a short period of time only, rather it must be done in a consistent manner. Measuring or assessment of the hard work put in, say weekly, monthly, or yearly, will always give you the excitement to be consistent with what you are doing. In the later part, you will know that it’s all worth it.

In addition to the principles enumerated above, here are some more tips in running a winning online marketing business.

Primarily, you have to introduce something to people which they need, want or can’t leave without and this is going to be your product. This could be your very own product, or a product of some other firm which you will be paid for advertising and promoting. Whatever the product or service is, you must be interested in it personally and you must also have all the information about it.

Have you started out an internet marketing business but is getting losses instead of profits? Or if not, are you only able to make less than what you have hoped for when the business was just about to start? Now the next question is, would you wish to know more about internet marketing and the keys to become successful in this area of endeavor? By simply reading this brief article, you will be able to come to know the the latest trend in internet marketing business and the stairways to achieving success.

Principles You Need to Learn in Internet Marketing

Have you heard this statement before: anything which goes around comes around? If what you simply want to is to make money online, then that desire will not make you last in the competitive online marketing industry. Effect a change in your business motivation and make it more appealing and beneficial to other people, your customers. Then, the round that most people are after at will simply come along after you have provided what others want and need.

The next principle that you have to keep in mind is to never withhold what you have for the sake of your business. At times, there comes a need to reinvest the profits just to be able to build the business and make it grow. This must not be done with grudge but as a hobby.

Having a lead capture page will also help you a lot in reaching the peak of success in this online community of hundreds to thousands of competitors. Sometimes, having a full website is not that necessary only if you have a web page where you can promote and advertise your line of products and services as well as reach out to your clients as they connect with you at the same time.

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Seo Tips To Drive You Traffic

Aug 22

The basic of Search Engine Optimisation is endurance. The major know-how that can increase your website position is keyword analysis. If you make mistakes of choosing the wrong keyword to rank for, it could take you huge amount of time and funds although not obtaining any outcome. Keyword research isn’t any hard to study scientific subject, however it requires some patience and common knowledge to master. You do not need to sweat to complete top quality keyword exploration. There are a selection of key phrase method accessible for free of charge, which could assist you to speed up the time required to perform the analysis. Crucial figures can be acquired at no cost so that you can make your mind up and decide the best key phrase in your SEO needs.

In order for you to generate site visitors on your web site instantly, you have to offer use of Google to easily crawl your internet site. What I mean is you would like to for starters concentrate on on-page optimization. There are SEO corporations and education out there but charge you significant amount of dollars for on-page optimization. But really don’t squander the cash. On-page optimization might be effortlessly performed with WordPress and associated plugin, without charge. As an illustration, the “All In One SEO” plugin could help you to modify your site to fulfill essential on-page SEO prerequisites. Keep in mind that the current upgrade in Google algorithm would penalize those internet site with over on-page optimization, like keyword stuffing, and so forth.

Original content can be essential in SEO. In many circumstance, the 1st web page shown in Google search is published with original material. Quite a bit of internet marketer today are rushing to make dollars on line right away. Hence there are a lot of get rich membership or push-button software program showing up, proclaiming individuals could get paid large dollars right away with almost no effort. This isn’t genuine. Never try this kind of plan and that is basically spamming the internet with spun articles, and would not get you any significant outcome in 2012 onward. When you couldn’t create unique content material, employ somebody who could do copywriting to suit your needs. It isn’t really costly as a lot of the copywriters live offshore in India and Philippines.

There are a variety of strategy to do online marketing. Among the effective way is Article Marketing. A number of people claim that Article Distribution is already dead, however it just isn’t real. Should you choose others’ write-up, spin it and submit to those people private blog site network. It is not working anymore. Since successful article marketing should be to develop initial and superior content, submitted to article website and let the content articles distributing and syndicating via the internet world. It can carry you inbound links and specific website traffic towards your website. Hence your website position and also the prospective profits could explode steadily.

In summary, Search engine optimisation takes effort and time. There may be no solution to get higher ranking right away with no any boring work. Any people today promised you for getting 1st position in Google overnight is actually a joke. With correct setup and back linking marketing campaign, your internet site could little by little arrive at top position in several months. If you would like to help keep the position steady, you determine to work tougher to maintain the rating alive.

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Ways To Get Targeted Website Traffic

Aug 15

Owning your own web site you are going to find that you are not going to succeed if you do not get any visitors. However, you should know that you can get targeted website traffic if you know the specific things to use. The benefits of getting this type of visitors are going to be numerous and some of them that you will find is that since they are already looking for what you are providing you could have more sales.

One way that you can get this type of traffic is going to be by writing articles on the topic. The articles that are going to be covering the topic could be key in helping you get the traffic that you need. You just need to make sure that they are on the topic in relation to your website. By having it on topic you could find that your going to get some great traffic that is going to be specific to the topic.

Another way to get this would be by using ads that are going to key in on your sites topic. The ads could cost you some money, but at the same time you need to realize the old adage of having to spend money to make money. So that could help you get more people to your site that is going to be looking for the topic that you are presenting.

Web based directories are a great thing to use as well. That is because they usually collect quite a bit of data on many different sites. If you are able to get listed in them you could find people finding you off those directories, but you might find that they are going to help your search engine rankings as well.

Commenting on blogs and other people’s articles are going to help you get free traffic as well. When you search the web you probably find articles that are covering the topic that you have a site up on. Since you might find that you could go to those articles and leave a comment on it with a link back to your site. Some people read the comments sections, but not all the time, but even if they do not read them the search engines do.

Link exchanges could be a great way to get high quality links. That could help you get more traffic to your site because what you might not realize is that links coming into your site are seen as making your site more popular. So the more incoming links that you have the better off you will be.

When you have a site you need people to view your site. If you do not get the people viewing your site you could find that your site will fail. However, if you get the wrong type of people you might have the same exact problem, but if you have some tips to get targeted website traffic you could see an increase in your sales and income.

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Local Search Marketing Tips

Aug 04

Local search marketing online has become the standard for driving new customers to a local business. We have some great advice here that will help a local business to keep one step ahead of their market counterparts.

Local Directories Provide Valuable Info

Similar to any type of SEO, local search optimization plans take some research and knowledge. Look up your business on a search engine yourself. You absolutely want to do this first, so you can find out which directories your business is listed on. Your business name is not the only thing you should look up during this search; enter in your phone number and address in different ways to see how they come up. Keep this information in your records by using a spreadsheet to document links and listings.

These search engines are kept up to date by local directories and 3rd party information gatherers. This external data on your business is compiled, processed, and compared to the index kept by the big search engines. Because of this, it’s critical that you make sure that the information in these local directories is up to date and accurate. Search engines also use citations in their determinations of rankings, along with third party information. Name, address and phone number (NAP) references of a company on the internet are what citations cover.

Google Places

Create your Google Places listing. Be thorough, this is imperative! Be certain that the data on your company is accurate, including selecting the proper categories, your contact info, hours of operation and of course add a company description. A crucial element in this process are categories; make sure that you include all categories that match your offering. The business in question should have the correct categories selected, if it’s a French restaurant, select both “restaurant” and “French restaurant”. This should then be accentuated by promoting the best of your business with exquisite photography of the products, (5 minimum) and of course an amazing cover photo.

Be sure to make Geo-specific Pages

Create location pages on site for multiple locations. If you have multiple locations, consider creating individual optimized pages on your website for each location. Be certain that you choose the right keywords in order to generate business in the area that you are focused on, use some words that are well known in the area. It makes sense to use landing pages that correlate to the areas your business is operating in.

There is no sense advertising in all parts of the world for your walk in business in your city, so be sure to go after the local customers on your website, this will make your SERPs more effective. When you focus on local as opposed to global response, you’ll see that the number of competing pages plummets dramatically, leaving you with a greater opportunity to punch through to the top position for your targeted keywords and keyword phrases.

Ask Customers to Complete Reviews

Your marketing strategy should include reviews from customers, as they are invaluable. Reviews play a huge role in impacting search engine rankings, so you should encourage feedback from anyone you’ve felt has had a good experience. Let customers know that their satisfaction and feedback are very important to you, and ask them to share their opinions on your website.

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The Tricks To Finding The most effective Search Engine Optimization Firm Providing Best Level SEO Services

Jul 29

You will certainly wish a Search Engine Optimization company that can offer the very best SEO services. A lot of companies provide to make your net business come to be profitable, but not all are up to the job. The finest offers the entire variety of services like on-page and off web page Search Engine Optimization, material administration, social media, meaningful hyperlink premises and market and competitors analysis.

On web page SEO

On web page Search Engine Optimization is a plan created to enhance online search engine ranking of your internet site and web pages. Naturally, you will not be content along with merely enhancing your positions. You wish to obtain variety one ranking. Exactly what this suggests is that you need to beware in examining a package offered by a Search Engine Optimization firm.

The most effective Search Engine Optimization Company you could find is the one that could successfully manage your advertising and marketing projects based on key words or phrases that match your brand or company most ideal and assist you obtain the desired web presence. It is firm that will advise adjustments, if needed, to your web site to ensure it will be enhanced for efficient customer generation.

There are things that impair incoming customer to your website like exterior web links that adversely influence your web pages, broken and no adhere to web links, inept meta tags, web pages that are not industry specification, and many more. Optimal Search Engine Optimization companies have to have the ability to address these constraints.

Off web page SEO

Off page Search Engine Optimization is as important as on page Search Engine Optimization to online search engine position. The firm you hire to deal with your SEO requirements need to have the ways to search competitors particularly in terms of key phrase use. Understanding exactly what how the rivals are faring is critical creating your over-all link premises strategies.

Regardless of numerous procedures now readily available for web traffic generation, entry of write-ups and blogs to reputable directories is still taken into consideration the most powerful approach of creating top quality back web links. News release entry is an additional service which could enhance your traffic and market an optimal credibility for your company.

Social network like Facebook, twitter, and so on. are additionally now being made use of for advertising projects, and it would certainly be to your benefit if the business you involve for SEO services are sufficient at optimizing these places.

There is YouTube rumored to be enjoying unique factor to consider from Google. A YouTube video about your company and products straight linked to your internet site could be a very effective addition to your campaign. A video clip posted in your site to go with the one you have off web page will certainly also be useful.


There is something that differentiates the finest SEO firm available from the rest. While others will probably stop– even when the wanted position had not been acquired – once all available measures have actually been exhausted, the finest will certainly not. You could be certain it will certainly be functioning continually to find other techniques of enhancing your ranking placement till you get to number 1. And it will have on its sites not just number 1 position; it will certainly make certain you get the very best sale ratio feasible making use of the data gathered from your customer encounters and website past.

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SEO With Content Marketing

Jul 21

Content marketing is a very popular term, which is being discussed a lot amongst the marketing and business development circles. But what does this actually mean, and how is it relevant to SEO?

What does Content Marketing include?

This is not the process of selling, it’s about getting information to your clientele and potential buyers. Non-interruption marketing is another way to look at it. When you give your clients valuable information rather than just trying to sell, they have a better knowledge and appreciation for your product. The theory behind this idea is that customers will come back time and again and remain loyal, when business like yours provide useful information to them, reliably.

Target demographics are more easily persuaded when they are attracted by valuable information that is tailored to meet the expectations of many types of consumers, who will then be more likely to continue utilizing your service or business.

What is the Result?

Content marketing alone will not generate leads and loyalty, but it can help an organization enhance its positioning as a thought leader and innovator, connect with audiences in a more authentic and personal way, and directly impact its Website’s search engine rankings and traffic.

With content marketing, you can take advantage of these tools to create articles, blog posts, microblogs, videos, podcasts, webinars, and more to establish thought leadership and build a relationship with your prospects and customers. When a customer needs help with their product or service and looks for information, your company provides the knowledge they need to educate, entertain, and engage them.

How Does SEO Relate To This?

With the advent of Google Panda and Penguin updates, unique content building has become one of the rules of pretty much every online marketing campaign. All of this creates very positive signals to search engines, and results in improved representation in the SERPS.

And good content will naturally get shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest. Search engine rankings take into account the amount of engagement from social networking and sharing.

The type of content all depends on the industry of the company, and on what topics are most important to the target audience.

A good place for you to show the innovations that your company is making is a business blog, and you can show your services and products off in the way you would like to promote your section of the overall industry. Everything can be shared from the same place on a newer business blog platforms, and all content can be sent out from this initial source about your brand, all over the internet.

Content that is more compelling to some consumers comes in the form of videos. Research shows consumers who watch product videos are more likely to purchase than those who do not.

Many marketing campaigns now include the use of ebooks, as they are an effective tool. Ebooks can be an effective way of relating a lot of data or content to your customers. New Leads can be gathered from the use of ebooks, because a download is needed and during this process customers and potential clients will provide you with important data.

Content must be tailored for the consumer to keep brand loyalty high, and to make sure the right content is aimed at the right kind of consumer.

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