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A Good Place to Start your SEO

May 18

Considering all the conflicting information in the online space, it’s not surprising that some small businesses are reluctant to take the leap into online marketing. However, for those discerning enough to find online marketing specialists that fit their needs, the results can be dramatic.

In an inbound marketing strategy, your website is the hub for all of your inbound marketing tactics and search engine optimization is the most cost effective strategy to make this happen. Search engine optimization is the systematic process of increasing the quality and volume of traffic to your website by improving the visibility of your site through various search engines. In a nutshell, the objective is to apply a variety of proven SEO techniques that will allow your webpage to achieve a higher ranking when certain keywords or phrases are entered in the search field of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Get a Feel for the Environment

Knowing who is successful for phrases you are going after is a critical element for your own success. The real numbers don’t lie. Get the data, then begin. There can be a tendency to underestimate competitors. Remember, you likely won’t have access to every piece of information. By taking the time to do this, you can structure your own SEO strategy in a way that will help you compete. Some businesses think seo is a one time solution. If your competitors have this mindset, you may find it relatively easy to outrank them. Don’t forget though, keywords are the lifeblood of your inbound marketing strategy. Make sure you target a large variety of keywords with varying levels of competitiveness.

A few keyword phrases in your industry can often account for a significant percentage of traffic for that industry. This can sometimes comes as quite a surprise, especially if the wrong keywords have been targeted over time. If you can take the necessary steps to rank for these phrases, it could make a really positive difference to your online marketing success. Keyword optimization is not just about getting ranked; it’s about growing your business with tangible results.

Don’t forget to plan around the sales cycle of your clients. Pick keywords that are associated with different stages of the buying cycle so that every click has a greater chance of actually counting. Keyword research that is done properly can make all the difference between success and frustration. Don’t assume your clients use keywords that seem logical to you. Do the research and gather the data to make sure. Or maybe they do use those keywords, but at different stages of the buying cycle. So, be sure to plan out your content with your buying cycle and keywords in mind.

Every business size can and should benefit from search engines. SEO is not just for big businesses. Every sized business can benefit. Search engine optimization can help you compete with businesses you are unable to compete with in traditional marketing. Remember, high rankings usually mean a high level of trust.

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