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Best SEO Link Building Strategies Today

May 03

Understanding what all the latest Google updates were targeting, and knowing where Google with all those updates, we can know what could be a dangerous link building strategies and what will be safe SEO link building strategies.

We know that Google main goal is to provide high value content to their audience, so their main focus will be content, and they want to prevent low quality websites on their top ranked pages. So basically they don’t care much about spamming but logic says that spammers are promoting low quality websites in most cases.

So all mass link building will be spam, and all link building strategies that could give masses of back links are bad strategies. So it is easy now for Google to detect link building strategies that can results on high quantity of back links; like article spinning and marketing, blog commenting, profile creating, bookmarking, directory submission and some other strategies.

But what we care about here are the safe link building strategies, so lets list the best safe SEO link building strategies here:

1. Press release, press release will be the best most effective link building and traffic strategy.

2. Social marketing, it is very important strategy to make people talk about your links in the social networks, today Google consider this as a vote for content quality, and when people talk about your links and bookmark and share your links it mean you have good content.

3. Guest posting on high traffic, high ranking blogs that have related content to yours.

4. Video marketing is also a great link building and marketing strategy because it also give you back links and traffic at the same time, and your back links will come from high authority sites that Google love.

5. Forum marketing will always be a safe marketing and link building strategy but only through related forums and through the post itself.

There are other safe link building strategies like blog commenting on high ranked and authority websites, but you need to have in mind that every strategy that can be abused done automatically through software, it will soon be marked by Google as spam or bad source of linking.

But we all know that to compete we need to have many back links, and manually we are limited on how many back links we can get and the sources of back links, so we still need services and software to help us gain more back links from high authority sites.

SEO link building packages is a blog discussing some great SEO link building services and tools to help us compete and reach high search engine ranking, although most bloggers and webmasters think that using SEO services and software could hurt their SEO work and it is considered as a black hat strategies, but they are wrong.

Almost all blogs and website that rank high on Google are using SEO services and SEO experts and invest thousands of dollars to get high authority back links. So don’t be misleading if you are trying to rank for a good keyword, you will need to invest in your SEO.

You can find some cheap SEO packages that also bring high quality results, and we do recommend starting slow and starting with small packages, and grow with time and increase the package when your ranking is increasing as well.

We are not trying here to convince you that SEO is easy, and getting high ranking is easy, but it is possible and you can do it, but slowly and constantly.

And here is my last tips to you, focus on social signals and sharing, and diversify links from all sources and high authority sites, and do it constantly and you will rank high on the search engines, target the best keywords and publish the best content and you will force Google to rank your content high.

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