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Building Your Global Domains International Home Business

May 16

As far as home businesses go, Global Domains International is a quite lucrative online opportunity. Yet so many of it’s affiliates completely fail to build a decent income despite the bonuses and monthly income which are possible. Why does this happen? Today we will tell you why, and show you how to stop it from happening to YOUR business.

We’d like to point out right here that over the past five years we have actually used GDI, becoming the world’s number 1 team and building a five figure income with it’s affiliate plan. So today’s write up is based on real life experience, not theories.

The home based business industry is one of those industries which continues to flourish despite the world’s economy, despite the credit crunch or the recession. Like the fitness industry, it’s an area which simply enjoys new growth no matter what else is happening around it. So how come only a few, around 20 percent in fact, affiliates are able to make it work for them?

The harsh reality of the situation is that while online business is an avenue free for anybody to explore, most people fail to get anywhere because they are not determined enough to put the work in to build their own business. Dreaming about the possible income you could generate is one thing, doing it takes time and is another matter entirely.

One of the benefits of being your own boss, of course, is that you decide your own ‘working hours’. One of the drawbacks of this, however, is that you are responsible for pushing yourself. Nobody can become your own boss for you. Remember that because it will help you in the future. It is not like going to work where you have a supervisor or manager to push you on throughout the day.

That one aspect is where so many people fail and so many other people succeed.

Nobody can become your own boss for you. You are responsible for pushing yourself and no matter what your business you will need to do this to succeed. Most GDI affiliates do not.

This will determine your overall success with Global Domains International.

How many times have you heard the following:

1) My sponsor said they would help me but didn’t. I didn’t even get an email back.

2) It’s my downline’s fault I failed. They quit so I did, too.

3) The system I was using just was not effective.

4) No matter how hard I work I can’t get any further forward.

The overwhelming majority of people who fail to build their online business are folks who always look for other people to blame for their failure. A massive part about becoming successful is your ability to accept responsibility for both success and failure. You may like the idea of becoming your own boss when you think about the benefits, i.e. deciding your own working hours or building an income from home, but many people jump in before they have thought of the flip side to this, i.e. you are also accountable for your own failure, no one else.

Taking care of this avoidance issue will help you massively in business. In fact, that is why the 20% of GDI affiliates are successful. They look for problems and ways to correct it, rather than hiding from the truth and pretending something is failing because of another person or an outside influence.

It is shown throughout history that if you are determined to achieve something you will. If you work long enough and hard enough at anything in life, eventually you will enjoy all the success you set out to accomplish. We have done that with our Global Domains International business. And while all the folks we originally met five years ago continue to talk about how they ‘can’t get ahead no matter how hard they try’, we hope today’s article helps you to do just that.

About the writer: Today’s guide to help you locate your best home based business was created by Russ Howe, who made a five figure income in 20 weeks with Global Domains International.

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