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Can Bad SEO Hurt Your Business

Jul 05

Is there really a difference between what is considered good SEO and what many people might say is bad SEO? Does it really matter? What we’re looking for is results, right? We want high search engine rankings and customers coming in the door thanks to that page one search engine ranking. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters, right?

While it might be tempting at times to use bad SEO methods or to try to push the envelope when testing and discovering what works when it comes to different methods of search engine optimization, these methods can sometimes have unpredictable results. What is considered good can often fall out of favor and cost you dearly in the long run. While SEO is changing and evolving all the time, the old tried and true methods of search engine optimization or search engine marketing still work but that’s the problem. These methods do require some work.

Hard work always pays off and this line of thought holds true when it comes to search engine optimization also. Writing informative content in the form of pages, posts and articles on your website and then offering this content to owners of authority websites in return for a backlink can be tedious and tiresome but it works. Long hours spent writing and researching the market in hopes of gaining a few high PR backlinks might seem like fools work when someone is offering you a push button solution to your SEO woes but think about it. Links gained from such methods could easily be gone tomorrow after a big change in the rules as those sites are deindexed and the links from those sites are gone as well.

These days, a website can be on the top today and gone to the pit of hell in the SERPs tomorrow after a change or a manual website review. If anything seems even the slightest bit sketchy, your site can be penalized or even deindexed in a moment. Now imagine that happening to a client’s website. Imagine someone paying you to get their website ranked and all you have done is damage their reputation and lost them income thanks to a few shortcuts that you thought wouldn’t harm their site because everyone is doing it. Say goodbye to your own SEO business!

Just like anything in life, there is no shortcut to success when it comes to search engine optimization. It can be thankless and very difficult work at times and you may think that you’re getting nowhere fast but hard work does pay off. Providing good content that helps people in your chosen niche and offering that content to authority websites and blogs can help you when there is a change in the rules. I have seen such changes happen and my websites drop from the rankings yet traffic didn’t skip a beat. Visitors still found my websites because of the high quality content that was everywhere on the internet to be found by people looking for helpful information. Once the shuffling of websites settles down I have even found that my websites were stronger than ever and ranking even more solidly.

Giving your readers good quality content that they can use will always pay off. It doesn’t matter if it’s just for the search engine optimization benefits or the good will that you want to give to your clients. Hard work will always pay off. Stick to solid SEO practices and work hard and you will achieve high search engine rankings. Stay away from methods that appear too good to be true and you will win out in the end.

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