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Funded Proposal For Your Network Marketing Business

Jun 30

In this article I want to share with you some compelling factors why you need to consider utilizing a funded proposal as the “work horse” for generating leads and cash flow for your network marketing business.

If you are beginning out online (particularly if you’re on a restricted budget) you will want to try and minimize the amount of cash which you invest on your marketing efforts. At the same time you will also want to ensure that your message is hitting your intended target market of hungry and interested buyers.

How do you best do this without breaking the bank?

Most network marketers run into financial trouble promoting online, as they generally spend way too much money on marketing, hoping for new recruits and often ending up with little or no return for their efforts. Now there’s nothing wrong with this shot gun approach from a short term point of view, but eventually the funds do run out, leaving you frustrated and a couple of steps behind.

In my prior life as a sales rep for a technology company, we could only look forward to being rewarded as soon as we made the sale. The difficult reality was that if a sale didn’t go your way, you’d be left on the negative side of the ledger. How often do people invest their time, money and energy trying to make that one-off sale only to end up spending much more money than they get in return.

The general issue being that there is merely not enough cash flow coming into the business to cover on-going costs. It’s a delicate balance, you’ll need to invest cash to make money, but you also have to be profitable as well. Fortunately there is a much more efficient way to monetize your advertising efforts with a funded proposal system.

So what the heck is a funded proposal anyway?

A funded proposal is basically a sales procedure, it differs from the traditional sales process where you would usually propose a product or solution, make the sale, and then move on. The key distinction of a funded proposal is that you’ve the chance to generate cash flow upfront and throughout the sales procedure, not just at the end. Even more powerful is getting the entire funded proposal process automated for you personally.

In September 2008, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer gave birth to the very first, totally generic, fully customizable, self-branding, lead generation method. A system designed to take the funded proposal concept to a entire new level. “My Lead System Pro” would capture your contacts information, provide them with free coaching over an extended period of time, while developing trust, generating affiliate sales and setting the stage for potential future partnerships with the prospect.

MLSP has paved the way for MLM marketer’s to finally achieve success online by streamlining the whole “sales” procedure for you personally. It doesn’t matter what company you are involved with, the system is completely generic and may be used by anyone to develop their very own brand, create leads, and make sales along the way.

A funded proposal is a superb way to resolve the typical issues network marketer’s face these days, by allowing you to create much needed cash flow for the business regardless of whether they join you or not. So place the odds back in your favour, begin leveraging your time and cash, take action and achieve success.

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