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Get Familiar With The SEO Term And How To Save Yourself

Mar 13

Have you been confused by “SEO” services? This term gets used Very losely and I keep finding new people who’ve given money for SEO ( some for more than a year ) and after doing some of our wonderful research here at Devcourt Media, we get the dirt.

It’s a term employed by website developers and even people who can’t know it well, used to explain “adding keywords” and “ranking” there is, however, a lot more to it then putting a keyword here and there and seeing if you rank for it.

A new customer of ours went to us with a notion they were never truly getting their money’s worth and boy were they right. Over a year of standard payments and a quick five minutes informs me they’ve been paying up for almost nothing, and the part they were paying for is not even close to being useful.

Some Warning Signs Found

– The report with rankings listed number 1 ranks for keywords no-one searches for.

– The outlines, titles and headings failed to contain any of the target keywords

– Back-link report shows 9 successive months of about no back-links being created to the domain.

– Website content was not organised or linking within the site using proper anchor text.

I’m not sure exactly what the ‘value’ was they were getting besides some admin work monitoring bad keywords and supplying a Dynamic SEO service.

You have got to be careful when you’re told you’ll get “SEO” or developers / companies say “we’ll S.E.O your website”.

Ranking for unsearched keywords is straightforward. You get a statement back discussing your improved ranking and keywords that ‘look’ like they’d be good ones for your business yet no-one ever searches for those keywords.

Be really careful about guarantees of companies offering quick number one rankings. They’re guarantee is easy as long as you don’t care what keyword it is they are going to rank you for. Being number 1 in a race of only one is pointless. Being number one in a race of ten thousand? Now that is the important thing.

Ask some corporations / developers what their definition of “SEO” is and they will tell you it’s about ensuring you have correct keywords on your website. Is that all that is needed? Absolutely not, it’s far more specific and complex than putting keywords everywhere. Yet this is about all some of these corporations do and they’re charging and arm and a leg for it!

Unfortunately this trend will continue as it has for some considerable time. That is the reason why one of Devcourt Media’s specializations lies in S.E.O and training our clients on what we do, no hiding, no hoping you don’t know and do not ask. You can see some of our results and flick through our S.E.O packages.

Give us a chance to show you ( as we did this prior customer ) that we can save your from wasting more money and time on dishonorable ‘SEO’ costs.

To learn more about what services are available for you from a legitimate SEO company Toronto, you may visit my SEO rank Toronto for more information.

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