Great Domain Names For SEO

The most important decision when creating a website is likely to be the domain name. When the time comes to make this selection, there are two schools of thought. The first is creating a domain that comes close to a popular search term people use to find a companies product or service. The opposing concept is to brand a company by creating a domain name that is company specific. This article talks to both approaches and weighs the benefits of each.

For illustration, let’s assume that a business named Tiny Treats sells cupcakes in New York City. A potential customer may use various searches to find what they want. If we assume we’re not limited to domain names, it makes sense to concatenate a geography to a product or service. Through keyword analysis we might find that a typical person uses “new york city cupcakes” to search. A perfectly matched domain would then be Since this domain name matches a customers target search, they are very likely to get the jump on a non-matching domain. This is because the search engines give relevance to domain names and since they match it provides a benefit.

There are also downsides to a keyword matched domain. They certainly are limited to the audience they target. People search for products and services in vastly different ways, so a matched domain may not provide the benefit expected. In addition, a customer may wish to create a brand and, with an matching domain, that isn’t possible. “A matching domain name can also be viewed as a negative or phishing attempt,” says Chloe Gimblette of a NJ Web Design Company. “This is due to many advertisement related websites using domains of this type.”

The choice also exists to create a non-matching branded domain name. For a company named Tiny Treats, the obvious choice is, the name of the company. This creates a clear brand name for a customer who visits the site or wants to visit the site again. Think of companies who have huge branded domain names like Amazon or Google. These names have nothing inherently associated with the services they provide, yet they create a clear brand image. There are also methods of overcoming the non-matching nature of a branded domain name. Typically, a customer may create internal search-matching URLs. For example, Here the URL can still provide some search benefit but the domain still creates a brand name.

Creating a brand presence is usually what customers want to go with. However, don’t underestimate how powerful a geography combined with a service domain name can be. Many customers find what they want on the web. They search for what they want and if you come up as a match or close, you may become more relevant. Of course the key is being relevant for your domain name as a close match. Often customers use a wide array of search terms and a directly targeted approach may fall short. It’s also obvious pretty quick that most of the keyword rich domain names are already taken. Ultimately, base a domain name decision on the long-term goals of your customer.

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