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Guest Blogging is one of mini E-marketing Strategy

May 15

Let us share a technique to improve your website ranking. This increases your site traffic in a way, which apart from experienced E-Marketing method, such as SEO, SMO etc. It don’t need to pay search engine marketing or social media marketing to gain visibility and website traffic, but it takes many time resource. Let us establish our credible niche authority. We will attain it with contributing blog posts to other sites. That is what we usually name Guest Blogging.

Advantage of Guest Blogging The advantages of guest blogging are numerous and significant. It helps your site to produce inbound links that are links from different websites you posted articles and they point back to your website. In case that the links are on high ranking website, this will radically increase your website ranking in search engine. Since Google determine the quality of inbound links, it will affect your website ranking. Furthermore, the articles on other sites will attract the visitor to your site from these sites. The following part talk about the steps to achieve successful guest blogging. Anyway, it is best to craft an unique method that is the most suitable to your website. There is no standard and you can adjust every part if you think it may be better for you.

1. Complete and optimize your online personal Sign up as many as social media accounts. Such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Tumblr etc. Create high value social media as top priority. Then, set up links to these social media page on your website.

2. Write at least five articles about your industry and publish them to your website Notice that posting mediocre articles are useless to your site. Terrific content can enrich your website and impress editor to your articles. Your articles should be helpful, enlightening or interesting and there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Compose the articles in comfortable form. You have to do research before make articles. Yahoo! Answer, Quora or eHow are likely to let you know what people interest in. Search industry keyword in these website. You can even visit other blog or article website to discover what they are publishing. You may think in original idea and angle to write those topics. Sharing how you deal with some problems can be a great article too. Add several media on the post will be great.

3. Identify sites you’d like to contribute to Then, you are going to think about the place where you are likely to post your articles. Start with utilizing Google’s Adwords tool to study the keywords or keyword phrase for your industry. Use those keywords to search relative website.

4. Begin your outreach Communicate editor by email or inbox on social media. Describe your goals and give out the best sample from your website. Make a record in spreadsheet. This can remind you to follow up all of the website.

5. Start writing and sharing Share the blog post on social media after make latest post. You should connect it to your website. It will generate inbound link and enhance your site ranking. Mark down all URL of submitted article in spreadsheet, so you are able to review and analyst your archive from the spreadsheet. This will help you to improve your idea.

6. Stay on top of the process Continue on pitching new topic ideas to publisher. Alter your e-mail template with your archive articles. Repeat those steps and you will get great result of promoting your website. It is one of technique of E-Marketing. We call this as Link Building.

However, this method may only achieve partial ranking rising. If you want to pursue more effective and professional online marketing, we are willing to give out such service which can save your time and improve your website visibility significantly.

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