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How to Get an Improved Return on Investment for Your PPC Campaign

Dec 01

Obtaining a high return on investment from your PPC campaign should be the first thing on your list, if you are a pay per click marketer. You need to know which of your campaigns are making money and which ones are not. This can only be done when you know what is performing well. Below you can see a few things that you can do to make the ROI of your campaign better and eventually benefit more from your investment.

Multiple Campaigns in Google AdWords: You should try to make the most of PPC services, such as Google AdWords, especially since your money is on the line. One of the widespread things that advertisers do wrong with AdWords is to only create one ad for their entire campaign. Despite the fact it can be a time sucker, setting up a variety of campaign ads is one of the most useful maneuvers for spiking the ROI of your campaign. In addition, in order to guarantee that you are not paying too much for those keyword phrases that are not very competitive, you should attempt to form multiple bids for keywords.

Besides, you should also try to look at their landing page and ad copy in order to see if something has not been addressed. This will give you the chance to make your own campaign better as well as learn more things about your competitors. Put Together Operational Landing Pages: With the purpose of increasing your return on investment, rather than showing your visitors a way to the homepage of your site, you should show them a route to a targeted landing page. You need to get your visitors to the targeted information in as few clicks as you can. Luckily, with pay per click we do have the option to send our traffic to the exact landing page where we want our visitors to go. The keywords you are targeting on your landing page should be related to the headline of your landing page and this page needs to be significant to the campaign you are running.

Work with Negative Keywords: In order to stop questionable leads in your campaign, be certain that you make use of the negative keywords. This is very vital when your goal is to protect your investment and obtain a higher return on that investment.

Negative keywords will not let your ads be displayed when a person searches with keyword phrase that is not related to the products and services that you are promoting. It is a wonderful method for ensuring that your ads are doing well and stay in your budget. You can utilize this search query report by locating the keywords that are creating your ads and deal with the ones that are not helping your campaign. This article outlines that in order for pay per click to be advantageous, you have to be willing to work on even the small steps.

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