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Local Search Marketing Tips

Aug 04

Local search marketing online has become the standard for driving new customers to a local business. We have some great advice here that will help a local business to keep one step ahead of their market counterparts.

Local Directories Provide Valuable Info

Similar to any type of SEO, local search optimization plans take some research and knowledge. Look up your business on a search engine yourself. You absolutely want to do this first, so you can find out which directories your business is listed on. Your business name is not the only thing you should look up during this search; enter in your phone number and address in different ways to see how they come up. Keep this information in your records by using a spreadsheet to document links and listings.

These search engines are kept up to date by local directories and 3rd party information gatherers. This external data on your business is compiled, processed, and compared to the index kept by the big search engines. Because of this, it’s critical that you make sure that the information in these local directories is up to date and accurate. Search engines also use citations in their determinations of rankings, along with third party information. Name, address and phone number (NAP) references of a company on the internet are what citations cover.

Google Places

Create your Google Places listing. Be thorough, this is imperative! Be certain that the data on your company is accurate, including selecting the proper categories, your contact info, hours of operation and of course add a company description. A crucial element in this process are categories; make sure that you include all categories that match your offering. The business in question should have the correct categories selected, if it’s a French restaurant, select both “restaurant” and “French restaurant”. This should then be accentuated by promoting the best of your business with exquisite photography of the products, (5 minimum) and of course an amazing cover photo.

Be sure to make Geo-specific Pages

Create location pages on site for multiple locations. If you have multiple locations, consider creating individual optimized pages on your website for each location. Be certain that you choose the right keywords in order to generate business in the area that you are focused on, use some words that are well known in the area. It makes sense to use landing pages that correlate to the areas your business is operating in.

There is no sense advertising in all parts of the world for your walk in business in your city, so be sure to go after the local customers on your website, this will make your SERPs more effective. When you focus on local as opposed to global response, you’ll see that the number of competing pages plummets dramatically, leaving you with a greater opportunity to punch through to the top position for your targeted keywords and keyword phrases.

Ask Customers to Complete Reviews

Your marketing strategy should include reviews from customers, as they are invaluable. Reviews play a huge role in impacting search engine rankings, so you should encourage feedback from anyone you’ve felt has had a good experience. Let customers know that their satisfaction and feedback are very important to you, and ask them to share their opinions on your website.

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