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Local SEO vs. Traditional SEO

May 17

Search Engine Optimization. Those three words can be a bit overwhelming when you first read them. However, once you read a bit about SEO and what it can do, it is quite simple to understand. It has the power to transform the way a business markets to consumers and has the potential to bring in a massive amount of new customers. SEO is something that all business owners should consider when expanding their business online.

Now, things are about to get a bit tricky. There are two types of SEO. There is Local Search Engine Optimization and Traditional Search Engine Optimization. While these two have some similarities, they also have distinct differences.

Traditional Search Engine Optimization has less keyword spanning. For example, there are less keyword searches necessary because it is searching at the national level, instead of locally. It is much more difficult to build national ranking because there is more competition for your keywords.

Local Search Engine Optimization has less competition within the same space. Let’s say you are looking for a florist in your area. It is far less difficult to search for them at the local level instead of the national level. Local SEO services can truly benefit small to medium-sized business owners. Currently, Google dominates the market with the most users using its search engine. The Local Maps section on the Google site lists the top 7 businesses in your local area.

The main goal of Search Engine Optimization, in general, is to improve the visibility of a business online. SEO providers have various methods of doing this and if you are interested in learning more, do some research! Both small and medium-sized business owners can benefit from using SEO services. There are hundreds of SEO providers all over the country, who provide Local SEO and Traditional SEO services.

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