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Top Link Building Tools Just For You

Sep 10

Receiving backlinks to your website is among the most important elements of first-class S.E.O. Now, if you have a heap of time, you may want to hand-select every place you will try and get back-links from and do all of the work manually. Perhaps you have the resources needed to do all of the required research and set up backlinks. Before you go down that route however , you should be aware that there are a good deal of link building tools which will make things far easier for you.

A great start are tools that investigate links. These tools can show you the amount of links going to a domain or express pages, with what anchor text is employed, and to what degree. Link analyzing tools are fairly basic, but offer a basic overview. Nevertheless you will need other tools to get a deeper analysis.

There’s a Firefox add-on called SearchStatus which provides several features at one point. It offers such info as a site’s page rank (as determined by Google), WhoIs info, a cached version of the page being investigated by SearchStatus, any prior versions still available at Archive.org, and links through Yahoo SiteExplorer. The add on also includes a way to highlight all no-follow links, which can help you to maximize your link building efforts.

LinkDiagnosis is another handy tool for link building. This is also a Firefox plugin, but a web-based version is available. This specific tool is basically the same as Yahoo SiteExplorer, with a few exceptions: it makes an attempt to not show links of lower quality, and it displays a listing of the most well-liked and visited pages for the domains you are looking into. Another nice feature of LinkDiagnosis is the ability to download the results in a CSV file. Remember that when you use this link building tool that bigger sites take more time to research; smaller sites might take only a few seconds, while larger ones can take a half-hour or even more.

More detailed info can be discovered with other link building tools. These tools can show what link building methods are being implemented, the history of a site as well as the site’s structure. This will help you get a better notion of what the competition is up to. MajesticSEO and Linkscape fro SEOmoz are the 2 prime examples.

If you are looking for a link building tool that instantly crawls websites and checks for damaged links, then Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a nice choice. It’ll give you a revised list of URLs that you can sort based mostly on your needs. You need to use it on your internet site as a convenient way to ensure your links are working, or use it to test sites where you would like your links to be shown to be certain they are up to date.

As is clear, there are numerous link building tools out there to help you improve the S.E.O of your site. Try some of these, or other ones you find and you may start seeing more satisfactory results.

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